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Meet Google’s new Calendar app for iPhone

Google Calendar for iOS. Photo: Google

Google Calendar for iOS. Photo: Google

Google’s gorgeous redesign of the Calendar app has finally made its way to iPhone. The Android version of Google Calendar’s redesign was released last fall, but iPhone users can now get their fingers on the official Google Calendar app too.

Like on the new Android version, you get new features like Events from Gmail, to turn emails into events on your calendar. Assists makes adding events quicker by recommending information to insert, and the new Schedule View makes it easier to scan your calendar and see what events you have coming up.

Take a tour of the new app below:

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Avocado, the social network for 2, now works with Google Calendar


Calling itself a social networking app for just two people, Avocado has long been one of the favorite apps of me and my wife. For everything from sending little reminders of affection in the form of digital hugs, to letting you know when your partner’s phone is about to die, it’s a fantastic Swiss Army knife of tools for people in a relationship.

With Avocado’s 2.1 update, though, that Swiss Army knife has gained one more tool: Google Calendar sync. And it’s about time.

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Find and add national holidays to your Google calendar

Google Calendar

I don’t think I would make it in life anymore without my Google calendars. Having my appointments and date-based reminders in Google’s system makes sure I can access them wherever I am, and with whatever device I have at hand: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, someone else’s computer.

Today I went looking to see if this coming Monday is Memorial Day, because as an online writer, I totally forget those sorts of things, along with info like, “what day is it,” and “did I wear pants yet?”

Regardless, I went searching and realized my calendar did not have major US holidays on it. Here’s how I fixed that oversight.

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Readdle Brings Next-Gen Image Processing To Scanner Pro, New Features To Calendars 5


Readdle has this week updated two of its most popular productivity apps for iOS, adding next-generation image processing to Scanner Pro, and a number of new features to Calendars 5. You can now enjoy much-improved scans with better legibility in the former, as well as task creation and an app icon badge in the latter.

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Deals Roundup: The Flexibits Mini Mac Bundle And One Year Of Gobbler [Deals]

CoM - fantastical_mainframe_630x473

Another week has sped by and we’ve had a ton of great offers that have made their way onto the Cult of Mac Deals page. Before we head into another week, we’re going to shine a spotlight on two of the offers that you may have missed.

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Simon For Mac: A Feature-Rich Server Monitoring Solution [Deals]

CoM - Simon-01

If you’ve been looking for flexible, comprehensive server monitoring then look no further – this Cult of Mac Deals offer is what you’ve been searching for.

For administrators who need to keep track of multiple sites, servers, and applications, Simon is the tool to do it. With a beautiful and intuitive interface, the app displays everything you’re tracking with key stats on uptime, time until next check, time since last change and failures – and even displays this info with graphs and lists when you drill down.

After you’ve set your test parameters, Simon can notify you via Growl, speech, Twitter, email, and even text message whenever an update is available or a server goes down. Advanced users will enjoy extras like session capturing and multipage reports, but even less experienced users can quickly get up to speed with this flexible, reliable utility.

And you can get the “bronze edition” of Simon right now for the low price of only $25 courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals.

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Readdle Makes Calendars+ Free For 48 Hours Only


Readdle’s awesome Calendars+ app, which is normally priced at $6.99, is now free for 48 hours. It’s one of the best Google Calendar apps for iOS, packed with useful features and a great user interface, and it won’t cost you a penny if you download it now. But hurry!

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Readdle Launches New Calendars App For iOS, Download It Now For Free


Readdle, the creator of some of the best productivity apps for iOS, has today replaced its awesome $6.99 Calendars app with a new version that won’t cost you a penny. It has all of the same great features it’s always had, only now you can enjoy them for free.

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Readdle Brings New Features To Calendars, Then Slashes 80% Off Its Price Tag

Readdle Brings New Features To Calendars, Then Slashes 80% Off Its Price Tag

Readdle has issued a new update to its Calendars app for iOS today, introducing a number of new features and some nice improvements. And if that wasn’t enough, the company has also slashed 80% off its price tag for Christmas, so if you haven’t already go it, now’s a great time to pick it up.

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Shut Off iCal Alert Reminders For Increased Sanity [OS X Tips]

Shut Off iCal Alert Reminders For Increased Sanity [OS X Tips]

Now here’s a tip that should save me a bit of sanity. I hope it does for you, too. I use Google calendar for much of my scheduling needs, but nothing beats iCal for a quick, offline calendar that runs on my computer. With the calendar info coming in from Google, though, I get reminders on my iPhone, my iPad, and my Mac via iCal. I really don’t need iCal to remind me about things, since I mainly use it as a quick calendar I can launch on my Mac and be done with it. Sometimes, I’ll open my Mac at home only to find a bunch of old reminders on it from iCal. I wish I’d known today’s tip sooner.

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