Forget Mobile Payments, Gold iPhones Are The New Global Currency


Gold Champagne iPhone 5S from TLDToday

The money side of Apple is nothing out of the ordinary for anyone who follows investor news and views. The idea, however, that Apple products — specifically the iPhone — may be considered a form of hard currency in themselves is something a little bit different.

That’s the premise of a recent post by Bloomberg News reporter Vernon Silver, however, who claims that in recent months he’s been using unlocked iPhones to pay his bills.

Dior Designer Covets Gold iPhone – And Doesn’t Have One Yet, Either

Dior designer Camille Miceli in the Wall Street Journal.
Dior designer Camille Miceli in the Wall Street Journal.

Even a designer at fashion house Christian Dior can’t get her hands on a gold iPhone.

Camille Miceli, Dior’s artistic director of accessories, loves her iPhone. According to a Q&A with the Wall Street Journal, she spends every morning reading daily “Le Monde” on it in bed. (Oh la la!)

Though we harbored doubts before the debut that it was the epitome of tacky, Apple’s golden iPhone 5S mines current fashion trends – the color has been glimmering more on store shelves by a whopping 88 percent.