Glide into one of the best iPad publishing tools around


This is one brilliant way to publishing on the iPad. Photo: Glide
This is one brilliant way to publish on the iPad. Photo: Glide

Glide helped Jim Dalrymple reboot The Loop into a gorgeous digital magazine way back in October 2013; we’re excited to see how much progress the Glide publishing app, invented by Chris Harris, has made during the time between then and now.

We’re not the only ones, either: With 15 days left to go on its Kickstarter campaign, iPad publishing app Glide has already garnered $12,000 over its goal.

“I’ve been following Glide since the release of ‘The Loop’ app, and I’m so excited to see it finally approaching release,” says Kickstarter commenter Nick R. “I didn’t know much about ‘The Loop’ at the time, but was blown away by the functionality of the app itself. Amazing to see how far its come in 2 years. Glad they took their time and did things right. —- Good job Glide team.”

iPhone 4 Case Review: Marware’s ‘Glide’ Leather Sleeve Offers Stylish, Sturdy Protection



For this week’s iPhone 4 case review, we have chosen Marware’s Glide: a stylish leather sleeve that offers maximum protection whilst carrying your phone, but the pleasure of your device unprotected while you’re using it.

What Is It?: The Glide is a genuine leather sleeve that’s designed to offer maximum coverage and protection to your iPhone 4 while you’re carrying it, and protection from dust and scratches while it’s in your pocket or bag. A dual-purpose pull-tab allows you to pull your device from the sleeve quickly and easy, while its velcro fastener will keep it from slipping out while it’s in there. There’s also a handy credit card holder on the back! It’s available in either black or brown and for as little as $10.88 on Amazon!