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This Gorgeous iOS 8 Concept Merges Multitasking With Control Center [Video]


Control Center was one of the top touted features added to iOS 7, but while the new swipe up gesture to toggle it is great, you might find yourself using multitask function more, so Bill Labus created a gorgeous iOS 8 concept that merges multitasking with control center to give you quicker access to your most used controls.

“Flicking up from the bottom of the edge allows the multitasking app views to be tied directly to the gesture, which allows for direct manipulation and avoids having to wait for a passive animation to complete before interacting with them.”

Developers can grab the Xcode project and take it for a spin or you can get your fill from the video teaser below:

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The Five Biggest Changes Apple Made To iOS 7.1 Today


Apple seeded the second beta of iOS 7.1 to developers nearly a month after 7.1 beta 1 was released. Once again, Apple’s beta doesn’t contain any major new features but there are a couple useful tweaks that you’ll enjoy hidden among all the bug fixes, performance improvements and speedier animations.

Here are the five biggest changes Apple made to iOS 7.1 today: 

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The Complete Evolution Of The Apple Logo [GIF]


Apple has become a master at taking a product and refining it to perfection. The iMac, the MacBook, and now the iPad and iPhone have all went through a series of small changes over their existence, but one product Apple hasn’t changed that much is its logo. After quickly dropping that Isaac Newton logo, the only refinements that have come to Apple’s logo are splashes of color and shadow.

Nick DiLallo  created a series of videos showing how some the logos of the biggest brands in the world have evolved since their original inception. Other than the Apple video – which you can see above in GIF form – Nick also made logo evolution videos for Starbucks, NBC, UPS, GAP and American Airlines, all of which are worth a watch and can be viewed over on his YouTube page.

The iWatch Comes To Life In This Awesome Concept GIF


Over the past couple of months we’ve seen tons of concept designers dream up ideas of what Apple’s smartwatch might look like, but this concept iWatch GIF by Thomas Bogner is one of the best ideas we’ve seen yet.

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Fox News Installed A Bunch Of Bizarrely Enormous iPads In Its Newsroom


Fox News unveiled a first glimpse at its new studio for the Fox News Deck that features some insanely gigantic tablets  that will be used by Fox’s Information Specialist while the Shepard Smith serves up the hottest topics of interest.

The 55-inch Windows-based touchscreens will be used by the crew to sift through rumors on Twitter (four tweets at a time), confirm reports, and spin through Google Earth to deliver an entirely new experience, for better or worse. While the studio could easily morph into an arena for the world’s first televised Angry Birds tournament, Fox says the news deck is designed to appeal to viewers who are “non linear” and sift through news all day on their phones.

Check out this video of Sheppard showing off the new tablets and his Minority Report style 38-foot display.

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The Complete History Of The iOS Homescreen In One Simple GIF


Maybe this iOS comparison GIF isn’t  quite as mind-blowing as the one of Sir Jony Ive’s death stare devouring Forstall’s face, but pretty good nonetheless.

Some Apple detractors have bemoaned the release of iOS 7, claiming its not a big enough leap forward for Apple, but when you look at this GIF created by the Czech Apple blog LetemSvetemApplem, it’s pretty clear iOS 7 has the biggest UI changes of any previous version of iOS. Not to mention a slew of new features too.

Scott Forstall & iOS 6 Morph Into Jony Ive & His iOS 7 Masterpiece [GIF]


In just a few short days, everyone’s iPhone is going to look a hell of a lot different now that Scott Forstall’s felt and wood grain reign is coming to an end. To celebrate rise of Sir Jony Ive’s flat and parallax world, GadgetLove created one of the most incredible iOS 6 vs iOS 7 comparison GIFs we’ve ever seen. The best part is staring at Forstall’s shrinking smile as Jony’s designer scowl quickly morphs in and out.

Here Are Six Of The Biggest Changes Apple Added In The iOS 7 Beta 3


Apple released the third beta of iOS 7 to developers this morning, and even though it doesn’t come with any big new features, the new update has plenty of small fixes and encouraging UI refinements.

Here are six GIFS of the biggest UI tweaks Apple made in the new beta:

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Clock App In iOS 7 Now Switches To Digital Clocks With A Single Tap


The Clock app in iOS 7 has been updated so that users can choose whether they want time to be displayed in a traditional clock face or switch to a digital clock.

If you’re not quick on the draw with your clock face reading skills then you’ll love this neat little feature. To switch clocks in the app all you have to do is tap anywhere on the screen.

Here’s a GIF of how it works:

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Jony Ive Is So Obsessive He Gave iOS 7 Icons The Same Rounded Corners As The iMac


As the new Director of Human Interface, Jony Ive has gone from making beautifully beveled Macs, to redesigning iOS into a multi-layered Parallax operating system. By drawing from his deep well of hardware design brilliance, Jony brought a lot of his hardware philosophies to iOS, and the Messages app icon shows just how insanely detailed Jony can get.

As discovered by Brad Ellis, Jony made sure that the Messages icon’s corners have the same tapered edges which can be found on the iMac and other Apple products.

The difference is just a small number of pixels that most users would probably never notice, so Brad created his awesome comparison GIF so you can actually see the changes: 

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