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Future Apple Earphones Could Track Your Health [Patent]


A new Apple patent, published Tuesday, reveals how future Apple earbuds and headphones might incorporate health-monitoring features.

The patent shows how a monitoring system could be cleverly built into Apple earphones, and used to track activity such as speed and distance traveled during exercise. The device would also be able to sense other biometric data relating to metrics body temperature, perspiration rate, and heart rate.

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Umoove’s Free App Lets You Control Your iOS Device Using Only Your Eyes & Face

The iOS gaming experience is about to get a whole lot more interactive, thanks to Israeli startup Umoove.

With its new app Umoove Experience, downloadable free of charge from the App Store, gamers can have a go at piloting a 3D avatar flying over a village — enabling them to control navigation entirely by face and head gestures.

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iRing Is ‘First Motion Controller For Your Music Apps’


Remember those Topeka Capital Markets reports from last year about how, by this time, we’d all be using finger rings to control our newly launched Apple televisions?

While those predictions may not have come to fruition just yet, music technology company IK Multimedia is launching an iRing of its own that will allow people to perform specific tasks on their iOS devices using gestures.

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Control Your Music With A Wave Of Your Hand, For Free [Review]

Control Your Music With A Wave Of Your Hand, For Free [Review]

Are you ready? Raise your hand

Multi-touch? Pah, that’s so last year. Gestures are where it’s at. Only yesterday, we reported on a prototype wrist-mounted motion detector; today, we’re trying out Flutter, a free OS X app that we first mentioned back in March when it was still a demo.

Now it’s available in the Mac App Store. It claims to put gesture controls at your, um, fingertips, using your Mac’s built-in webcam.

Does it live up to the hype? Well, sometimes.

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