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This Is What A Jony Ive Designed Leica M Looks Like [Gallery]


Ever since Phil Schiller admitted that Apple considered making a standalone camera at one point, we’ve wondered what the results would look like if Sir Jony Ive’s obsessive attention to detail was applied to a full-framed camera. As part of Bono’s charity auction for Project (RED), Leica unveiled The Leica M for (RED) designed by Jony Ive and Marc Newson that will be auctioned off at Southeby’s on Nov. 23rd to fight AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

Jony and Marc redesigned the Leica M by going through a total of 561 models and nearly 1000 prototype parts over 85 days to create the one of a kind camera that features a laser machined aluminum body, and an anodized aluminum outer shell to go with the full-format CMOS sensor inside.

Get a glimpse of all the impeccable details in the gallery below:

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A Visual Walkthrough Of iOS 7 With GIFs


The new interface of iOS 7 has become one of the most polarizing Apple software releases since the iPhone came out six years ago. Some users think some of the UI elements look childish and boring, but there are a ton of new details and feature that make using iOS feel new again (for better or worse).

iOS 7 was just released to the public, but there are so many new additions it can be hard to keep track of it all, so we’ve complied this walkthrough of all the new little iOS 7 features, in GIF form:

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All The New Wallpapers From Mavericks Preview 7 [Gallery]


Apple released the 7th Preview build of OS X 10.9 Mavericks earlier today, and while the release didn’t include any major new features, Apple did add eight new wallpapers that are absolutely gorgeous.

Mavericks isn’t expected to be released until later this fall, but you can already wrap your Mac’s display in the new Mavericks wallpapers by downloading them from our gallery below:

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iPad 5’s New Front Panel Appears In New High Quality Gallery


The fifth-generation iPad’s new front panel, which sports thinner bezels down the sides of its display, has appeared yet again in a new high quality gallery. The panel already has its digitizer and flex cables fitted, and it appears to be a genuine Apple component straight off the production line.

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Forget A Fingerprint Sensor, iPhone 6 Infinity Concept Has A Wrap-Around Screen [Gallery]


We’re less than a month away from seeing what the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will look like—fingerprint sensor and all—but some artists on Dribble have been dreaming of a new feature for the iPhone: an infinite screen.

Claudio Guglieri’s iPhone 6 Infinity mockup and template sparked a mess of awesome rebounds from other artists who added their own bits of flair to the idea of an iPhone with a display that wraps completely around the device.

Take a look at these other great mockups:

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Every Classic Mac Design, Beautifully Distilled To Its Essence [Gallery]


Aakash Doshi is a third-year student at the Srsihti School of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore, India, and he has a wonderfully hobby: he distills Apple’s Mac line-up down to their essence in bright, colorful, beautiful abstractions of their classic designs. I love them. We’ve put more after the jump, but be sure to check them out in hi-res on Doshi’s Tumblr, where he’ll be adding more over time.

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16 Apps That Already Look Like iOS 7 [Gallery]

iOS 7 on iPhone 5

iOS 7 looks totally different than iOS 6, and most App Store apps are going to have to undergo a big design overhaul to fit it. Gone are the rich textures and deep garnishes. Corinthian leather has been replaced with Gaussian blur. A lot of iOS 6 apps look instantly out of place.

There are, however, quite a few popular apps that look like they belong in iOS 7. Whether it’s by coincidence or intentional forethought, these 16 iOS apps fit in with iOS 7 very well already:

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Designers Set About Fixing The Mess Apple Made In iOS 7 [Gallery]


Okay, so not everyone thinks Apple has ruined iOS with its newfound support of flat icons and whacky, eye-stinging colors. In fact, some iOS users love the new look. But many think it’s a gut-wrenching mess. In fact, some hate it so much that they’ve taken some time to fix it.

User interface designers have taken to Dribbble to showcase their own iOS 7 concepts, and I think you’ll agree that they’re a welcome improvement.

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One iWatch To Rule Them All: More Incredible iWatch Concepts By Martin Hajek [Gallery]


I’ve never been convinced by Martin Hajek’s iWatch concepts. They’re beautifully done, but the stitched leather band is hideous and very un-Apple-like, and I can’t help but feel that whatever the iWatch is going to be, it isn’t going to be an unusably small iPod touch strapped to your wrist.

That said, Hajek’s just unveiled a number of high-quality renders of his iWatch concept that he did for MacUser, and if you’re a fan of his take on Apple’s upcoming smartwatch, there’s a lot here to get you salivating. A lot more shots, after the jump.

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Here Are All The Fantastic New Safari Features Apple Should Put Into iOS 7 [Gallery]

New Page Typing Device

With every new version of iOS, Safari ends up getting some new features, and designer Brent Caswell has some really good ideas about what should come to Safari in iOS 7, including a unified address and search bar, website push notifications, a better bookmarks manager, more advanced Reader options and more. Here’s a look at some of his better ideas:

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