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You Can Use Your Old Mac G4 To Build A Lovely Coffee Table Like This One [Image]

You Can Use Your Old Mac G4 To Build A Lovely Coffee Table Like This One [Image]

Every home needs a coffee table. Preferably, something that looks good without being a cheap piece of junk that you’d find at Ikea. If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, and happen to be a huge Apple fan, you can buy this gem for $600, or just make it yourself.

Each table is made out of 70% of reclaimed materials, so it’s good for the environment and individually hand-crafted so your living room will feel extra special.

This Amazing G4 Apple //c Is The Coolest Retro-Chic Mac You’ll Ever See

This Amazing G4 Apple //c Is The Coolest Retro-Chic Mac You’ll Ever See

Meet the G4 Apple //c. The coolest freaking Apple mod I’ve ever seen.  This little puppy is a gorgeous Frankintosh project that houses a G4 Mac Mini in the case of an Apple //c. On the outside, the Apple //c hasn’t lost any of it’s retro charms. It’s like the ghost of Steve Jobs transported this cute little guy through time in almost perfect condition and decided to give him an update while he was at it.

The machine, keyboard, and mouse are all fully functional. Inside, the G4 Apple //c is rocking a 1.4GHz G4 with a gig of RAM, which is an insane upgrade from the 1MHz 65C02 and 128k of RAM it was cruising around with back in 1984.

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Decade-Old G4 Cube Gets Updated, Runs Leopard, Looks Amazing

Updated Cube, by Pedro Moura Pinheiro

A lovely updated Cube, by Pedro Moura Pinheiro, used with permission

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous combination of old and new, as photographed and (at least in part) brought bang up-to-date by Pedro Moura Pinheiro.

It’s an original Power Mac G4 Cube, circa 2000, but with a few modifications to its insides. The original 450MHz G4 processor and 256MB of RAM have been replaced with dual G4 chips and 1.5GB of RAM. Those changes were made by its original owner, but Pedro wanted to take things a step further when he bought the machine. It’s now zippy enough to run Photoshop CS4 without any trouble.

Pedro says: “The only thing I did was get an Intel 40GB SSD, place it in an external Firewire 400 enclosure, and install Leopard on it – basically, Firewire 400 is much faster than the internal IDE interface, so the speed benefit is greater than trying to install an IDE SSD inside the Cube.”

He knows what he’s talking about. Check out this stop-motion video of him dismantling, then re-assembling, a G4 iMac. Great stuff.

Hacker Recovers His Quicksilver G4 Two Years Later [Video]

It’s Christmas Eve, and if you don’t have today off, you’re probably just counting down the hours, so why not count down a third of one with this: a recent Defcon talk hosted by a hacker named Zoz, whose Quicksilver G4 was stolen over two years ago by a burglar named Melvin Guzman.

How did Zoz know Guzman was the perp? Easy: he had OpenDNS installed so when Guzman brought the Mac on line — two years later — he was able to SSH in. He also had VNC installed, which allowed him to see what the thief was doing on his machine.

And what was he doing? Mostly browsing countless porn sites with names like “” as well as taking pictures of himself naked for online dating sites. Ultimately, Zoz was able to send the cops to the precise address of the guy who had stolen his G4 an entire country away, and recover it… but not before he consigned Guzman once and forever to the pantheon of stupid, stupid thieves.

When An Old G4 Is Just Enough

My old Powerbook G4

Smoking Apples has published a lovely post extolling the virtues of an ancient iBook G4, which given a little TLC and a wipe-and-install has been reborn as a perfectly functional household computer.

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DIY PowerMac G4 Cube Tissue Dispenser

DIY PowerMac G4 Cube Tissue Dispenser

The hardware inside the old Apple PowerMac G4 Cube might not be good for much anymore, but the gorgeous plastic case is still one of the most notable triumphs of Apple’s well-honed sense of design. Why not humiliate it, then, by shaking out all the electronic guts, cutting a hole in the top and turning it into a tissue dispenser? Instructables has the instructions.

I can think of more ignominious ends for a G4 Cube… toilet brush holder comes immediately to mind.