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Retina iMacs Coming In October [Rumor]

Retina iMacs Coming In October [Rumor]

The world’s most popular all-in-one is expected to get a Retina display this October.

Based on its less than reliable track record, we always takeĀ DigiTimesĀ reports with a hefty helping of salt. We wouldn’t advise you to read too much into this one, then, but it’ll certainly be interesting to those of you who are awaiting the new iMac refresh.

According to sources in Apple’s “upstream supply chain,” the Cupertino company’s new all-in-one desktop will enter production this month, ready for its debut “possibly around October.” Despite recent reports, the sources also claim that there is a “high chance” the machine will follow the new MacBook Pro and ship with a high-resolution Retina display.

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