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Tim Cook reportedly jets to Paris for Apple Watch’s fashionable debut

Photo: Kaysgeog/Flickr CC

The Galeries Lafayette is getting a special visitor. Photo: Kaysgeog/Flickr CC

While you’re at work today, Tim Cook is enjoying croissants and chocolat chaud at a chic French eatery. Probably.

That’s because the Apple CEO is reportedly in Paris: most likely for the Apple Watch’s official public unveiling tomorrow at one of the city’s fanciest department stores, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.

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Crazy swiss rocket bike travels a quarter mile in 7 seconds

This guy's about to go really fast on a skinny bike. Photo: François Gissy

This guy’s about to go really fast on a skinny bike. Photo: François Gissy

Seriously, outside of an airplane, I don’t think I’ve ever traveled at 207 miles per hour (or 333 kilometers per hour, if you’re metric).

Swiss cyclist François Gissy, however, just set a speed record on a rocket-propelled bicycle designed by his buddy Arnold Neracher.

How’s that for fast? Check out the video of the record-breaking attempt below, but be sure to turn down your sound. Nothing sounds as silly as a rocket bike.

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Apple Quietly Bumps iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c Prices In France


Apple has quietly bumped up its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c prices in France less than four weeks after they first went on sale. Customers will now have to pay $10 more for the 16GB devices, and $12 more for the 32GB and 64GB devices.

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Antitrust Investigators Raid Apple Offices In France


French antitrust watchdog Autorite de la Concurrence raided Apple offices, wholesalers, and retail stores in France last week as part of an investigation into claims that the Cupertino company carries out anti-competitive practices against third-party retailers by offering consumers better deals through its own stores.

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Keyboarding Reinvented Specifically For Your iPad [Deals]

CoM - Touchfire2main

The Touchfire keyboard has all the functionality of a standard keyboard, but in a paper-thin, transparent rubber that fits directly on your screen. You can still view the entire screen right through the keyboard with the ability to touch and swipe as if nothing was there – and Cult of Mac Deals has it for $42 for a limited time!

The Touchfire is a true Kickstarter success story. The creators Steve Isaac & Brad Melmon jump started the process on Kickstarter and with a goal of $10,000 they ended up blowing it out of the water with raising more than $200,000! Since their campaign ended in 2011 they’ve been in full force delivering one of the most revolutionary iPad products to consumers around the globe.

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Apple Maps Gets 3D Flyover In Paris


Apple continues to rollout 3D Flyover support to Maps users all over the world, and it appears the features latest destination is Paris, France. Until this week, Lyon was the only French city that boasted Flyover support, but that’s no longer the case.

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French Minister Slams Apple For Dumping AppGratis

French startup, French minister. Hmmm.

French startup, meed angry French minister.

Apparently, junior minister for digital economy Fluer Pellerin thinks that Apple shouldn’t have rejected AppGratis from the App Store last week. Her remarks to the French media make it clear that she feels the tech company isn’t behaving ethically in its dealings with AppGratis, a French startup, or others like it, calling the move “an issue of fairness,” and “extremely brutal.”

Not only that, but Pellerin feels that European regulators might want to think about taking action against Apple for the rejection.

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7 Apple Stores Get Fined In France For Forcing Employees To Work Too Late


In France, the proletariat is not a force to be trifled with. There are expectations on how companies are to treat workers: whether there are enough golden crusted, freshly baked baguettes in the breakroom, for example, or how many fromage breaks one gets per hour. “Vive les grenouilles!” the workers cry, sousing themselves silly with wine.

It’s a good system, but Apple has fallen afoul of it, with seven Apple Stores in France now being rapped on the knuckles for violating a French law that prohibits employers from making their workers work past nine PM at night.

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New Line Of Mac Pros To Launch In Spring, 2013? [Rumor]


Although Apple did not revamp the aged Mac Pro line last year, Tim Cook and Apple executives have reiterated their commitment to the Pro segment in the last six months on at least a couple of occasions, and it is believed — somewhat skeptically, true, by some current Mac Pro owners who want to replace their dying machines — that Apple will release a freshly redesigned Mac Pro in 2013, especially since they can no longer sell existing Mac Pros in Europe starting March 1.

Now an anecdotal report confirms that an Apple representative has confirmed to a French computer seller that a “new range of Mac Pro will be released in spring 2013.”

This could mean anything. It could be wishful thinking, it could confirm a new Mac Pro range that is changed just enough to get around new E.U. environmental regulations that prevent the Mac Pro from being sold there, or it could harbinger an exotic new Mac Pro design in total. We’ll have to wait and see.

Staff At French Apple Store Threatening To Strike Over Pay On iPhone 5 Launch Day

Staff At French Apple Store Threatening To Strike Over Pay On iPhone 5 Launch Day

An Apple retail store in Opéra, Paris.

If you live in Paris, France, and you’re hoping to bag an iPhone 5 from your local Apple store on Friday morning, you may get there to find that it’s closed. Workers at two Parisian stores are reportedly threatening to strike over pay on what could be Apple’s busiest retail day in the company’s history.

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