French protesters hate the idea of a ‘Rue Steve Jobs’


A familiar face to Apple fans made from familiar technology.
Protesters are taking issue with Steve Jobs and Apple.
Photo: Jason Mercier

Plans for a “Rue Steve Jobs” (that’s Steve Jobs Road) in Paris have come under criticism from far-left protesters, who are demanding that the road is instead named after a woman from tech history as part of the march toward “gender equality.”

The group, Front de Gauche, also takes issue with Jobs being name-checked due to various issues that it has with Apple as a company.

France slaps Apple with a massive fine for unpaid taxes


Tim Cook may have to open his checkbook one more time.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has been hit with another massive fine in Europe, as French tax authorities recently issued the company with a 400 million euro ($422 million) bill, according to French newspaper L’Express.

As with a lot of Apple’s other tax issues, the complaint reportedly relates to Apple’s tax optimizing strategy of channelling profits through its Irish subsidiary.

Enraged customer smashes iPhones in French Apple store


Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 14.10.00
The man smashes around a dozen iPhones before he is stopped.
Photo: YouTube

A bizarre incident has taken place in a French Apple store, with an unidentified man entering the retail outlet and methodically smashing thousands of dollars’ worth of iPhones, using a steel ball used for the game boules.

Check out the video below.