Get New Logos, Website Redesigns, And More With 99designs [Deals]


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So you’re starting a new venture in 2013. Need a new logo for it? What about getting that web design dealt with so you can launch your first website? Perhaps it’s time to finally consider styling up your business cards?

Whatever your design needs may be, why limit yourself to one designer when you can tap into the talent of hundreds of talented artists? That’s what 99designs offers – and Cult of Mac Deals has an offer that lets you get $50 of high quality design services for only $25!

Protect Your Internet Identity With Safe Shepherd [Deals]


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We’re all concerned about online privacy issues in some form or another. Some of us are obsessive about it while others are a bit more cavalier. Regardless of how you feel about online privacy, there are tons of websites that have your personal information.

Why? Because of data brokers.

Data brokers collect your personal information and sell it online for background checks and marketing. Even social networks can expose sensitive details about your life that you thought you were only sharing with friends and family – and many of them can because of what their terms of service allow.

With today’s Cult of Mac Deals offer, you can finally fight back – with a one year subscription of Safe Shepherd for just $29!

Untold Stories About Steve Jobs Surface From His Old Friends And Colleagues



Steve Jobs was always a deeply private individual. Even though he gave Walter Isaacson access to his life for the official Steve Jobs biography there are a lot of stories about Steve that have never been told.  With the anniversary of Steve’s death coming this Friday, October 5th, a collection of untold Steve Jobs stories coming from friends and colleagues has been rounded up by Forbes.

One of the funnier stories in the collection comes from Randy Adams, former Apple and NeXT employee. Adams and Jobs both bought Porsche 911s during the early days of NeXT and parked next to each other at the front of the office to avoid car-door dings. Then one day Steve came rushing in and told Adams he needed to hide his Porsche.

Almost All Of Your iPhone Was Made In America



If you’ve been paying any attention to the Presidential Primaries lately, you’ll know that the number of iPhones China makes is a big issue this year. Why are we sending so many “great” jobs to China to build America’s most iconic tech product when unemployment is such a big problem?

Well, Foxconn may employ tens of thousands of Chinese laborers to build the iPhone, but the vast majority of the labor costs associated with making an iPhone is spent right here in the States. In fact, only $10 per iPhone goes to paying workers abroad.

Google’s Superchef Explains What It Was Like To Cook For Steve Jobs [Video]



At Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters, they serve up to 15,000 meals per day to some of the illuminati of tech, including more than a few celebrities, without a blink. But according to Google superchef Charlie Ayers, when Steve Jobs entered the Google cafeteria, everything was different: the employees parted like “Moses before the Red Sea.”

Jobs liked Ayers’s food so much that when Ayers left Google to open his own restaurant, the Calafia Cafe, Steve Jobs followed him, and even brought his entire family to the restaurant for a last-minute Easter dinner. Even though he was a regular, Ayers says no one ever approached Steve Jobs, except one customer: a little boy who asked for (and received) an autograph. Awww.

[via Forbes]