Best manual camera apps for iPhone


For when the stock Camera app just doesn't cut it.

Focus Fades Non-Active Apps Into The Background



I find the idea of “distraction-free” writing apps to be bunk: after all, why on Earth would the presence or lack of a menubar make any difference to your ability to concentrate? I am, however, a sworn enemy of clutter, and so I immediately downloaded the $0.99 Focus app, which is kind of like a virtual rug under which you can sweep your mess of Mac application windows.

Make Your Pics Cooler With Focus. Only $3! [Deals]



Folks, this is a one-day deal that you would be an absolute fool to miss out on. The app is Focus, and it lets you mess with the focus and such of your pics. I was a skeptic at first. I have a gabillion photo apps on hand and thought, “do I really need another one?“.

Then I tried it.

I’m getting this app ASAP because at $3, it’s a steal and very, very cool. Even if the price doesn’t get you, the examples I did just now (in about 5 minutes) sure will.

How To Take Awesome Fireworks Photos With Your iPhone This July 4

A few simple tips that will help you take better firework photos on your iPhone this Independence Day.
A few simple tips that will help you take better firework photos on your iPhone this Independence Day.

Apple’s latest iPhones take some pretty incredible images during the day, but it’s a different story when the sun goes down. Despite its LED flash, the iPhone’s performance in low-light still needs significant improvement. But if you’ve already abandoned a dedicated point-and-shoot, and you were hoping to snap some images at the firework display this July 4, here are some tips for taking great firework photos on your iPhone.

Camera+ 3 Gets New Icon And Stacks Of New Features In Latest Update


Camera+ gets stacks of new features in latest update.
One of Camera+'s great new features is much-improved sharing.

Camera+, one of the most popular photography apps for the iPhone, has been updated to version 3 today. In addition to a fancy new icon, the update brings a ton of new features including improved photo sharing, focus and exposure locks, workflows, and more. The release also quashes several bugs.