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Starving To Death On An iPhone Assembly Line


When Apple launched the iPhone 5 last year, it was the most aggressive launch Apple had ever attempted, requiring entire armies of workers to aggressively line-manufacture their most advanced, difficult-to-make iPhone yet. But what was it like to be one of those workers? Businessweek has published a fantastic, haunting investigative report on one Nepalese worker, who almost starved to death after his stint as an iPhone tester.

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Flextronics Hires 1,700 Workers To Build New Mac Pro


More than six months before Apple unveiled the new Mac Pro, we correctly predicted that it would be made exclusively in the USA. Now, as the Mac Pro gears up to start shipping in the coming month, a Texas newspaper is reporting that up to 1,700 workers are being hired near Austin to push the Mac Pro out the door.

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Here’s What Working Conditions At Chinese Electronics Plants Are Really Like [Exclusive Interview]

Here’s What Working Conditions At Chinese Electronics Plants Are Really Like [Exclusive Interview]

Adapted from CC-licensed photo by Mrbill on Flicker.

If you own an iPhone, laptop, Kindle, Android device, electric toothbrush, baby monitor or GPS navigator, it was probably put together by a worker in a Chinese factory.

Although Apple is currently juggling the PR hot-potato over working conditions at Foxconn plants in China, a situation made more murky by the factual takedown of Mike Daisey’s monologue, dozens of other global companies make their must-have electronics there.

For a wider perspective, Cult of Mac tracked down one of the world’s leading experts on modern labor in Asia.

Dr. Boy Lüthje is a sociologist at the Frankfurt Institute of Social Research and currently a visiting scholar at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii who has spent a decade visiting factories to study working conditions at electronics manufacturers in Asia, including Foxconn.

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