Apple Releases MacBook Firmware Update To Address Rare Battery Issue


new macbook pro 2012

Apple has released a new SMC firmware update for the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. “This update addresses a rare issue on some Apple notebooks where a battery that has accumulated more than 1000 charge cycles may unexpectedly shut down or stop functioning,” according to Apple. This applies specifically to older batteries, but the update is recommended for all MacBook models.

You can find this new firmware update in the Mac App Store or download it directly from Apple’s website.

Source: Apple Support

Retina MacBook Pro’s Latest EFI Update Causing Graphics, Processor Issues For Some Users


Apple's latest EFI update for the Retina MacBook Pro should be avoided if possible.
Apple's latest EFI update for the Retina MacBook Pro should be avoided if possible.

If you haven’t already installed Apple’s latest EFI firmware for your 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, you may want to avoid it for a little while. Users on the Apple Support Communities forum are reporting that the update causes reduced frame rates and processor slowdowns when using graphically-intensive applications.

Canon 7D Firmware Update Turns It Into A New Camera

It might look the same on the outside, but inside this Canon 7D is almost a different camera.



Remember the bad old days of the iPod? Apple would release a new model with a bunch of new features, and the old model – while capable of running the new software – would be left out in the cold. It was obviously a cynical scheme to make you upgrade your perfectly good music player early, but it worked.

So it is with cameras. Firmware upgrade are almost always limited to small bug fixes. The latest 7D update, though, is huge, and almost gives owners a brand new camera.