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Late 2013 Mac Pros Get A (Literally) Quiet Update


If you have a brand spanking new Mac Pro, Apple has released a new firmware update that will help it stay quiet and not sound like the jet engine that it may physically resemble.

Recommended for all late 2013 Mac Pros, the Mac Pro SMC Firmware Update 2.0 allows the Mac Pro to enter Power Nap without running the Mac Pro’s fan for most Power Nap activities.

The update also addresses a rare issue where a low-speed USB device may not be detected at boot.

If you’ve already dropped a few grand on a Mac Pro, the good news is the update’s free. You can grab it from the link below.

iOS 7.1 Beta 3 Lets You Manually Delete Over-The-Air iOS Install Files

(Credit: Macerkopf)

(Credit: Macerkopf)

A new feature in iOS 7.1 beta 3 is the ability to delete iOS installation files that have been automatically downloaded over-the-air.

Until now, iDevice users who chose not to install a particular update to iOS would find that their iPad or iPhone would nonetheless download the install file and store it locally — the only way to remove it being to update your device’s firmware.

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Apple Recalls MacBook Air Flash Storage Sold Between June 2012 & June 2013


Apple has recalled 64GB and 128GB flash storage drives that were used in the previous generation MacBook Air. The systems were sold during June 2012 and June 2013, and those affected qualify for a free flash storage drive replacement at their local Apple retail store, or authorized service provider.

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Apple Updates MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware To Resolve Potential Data Loss

MacBook Air

Apple just released a new firmware update for mid-2012 MacBook Air owners. The release notes say that Apple recently discovered that a small percentage of flash storage drives in these models may have an issue that could cause data loss.

The update, available here, tests your drive and should, if there’s a problem, install new firmware to prevent the issue from happening to you.

If your drive can’t be updated, Apple will replace it free of charge. That’s big news.

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Macbook Pro And Air Firmware Keeps Your Mac Running, Fixes Rare Battery Issues

Macbook Air Firmware Update

Apple just released two firmware updates to address some rare battery issues with the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air lines Tuesday. The firmware can be downloaded directly from Apple’s support website.

The firmware for both models fixes some rare issues with the battery, one of which will shut your Macbook Air down after 1000 charges.

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Apple TV Update Pulled After User Reports Of Bricked Devices

Apple TV 6.0

Friday, we reported that Apple TV was updated with a new v6.0 update, bringing with it features like AirPlay from iCloud and iTunes Radio.

Today, however, Electronista reports that the update has been pulled. We’ve confirmed that the update is no longer available, as our un-updated Apple TV still says it has up to date software today, showing Apple TV software version 5.3.

We assume the update was pulled due to several user reports on the Apple TV discussion forum of Apple TV devices becoming useless after updating to the new OS.

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How To Downgrade From iOS 7 Beta To iOS 6 In Two Steps


Here’s how to get your beloved iOS 6 back.

We’ve already told you why you probably shouldn’t install the new iOS 7 beta; it’s not just that the icons suck, but there are good reasons why beta releases should be avoided if you’re not a developer — particularly if you plan to use them on your primary device.

But if you went ahead and did it anyway, and now you’re looking for a way back, look no further. Despite what Apple says, iOS 7 can be downgraded to iOS 6 — and it’s pretty simple. Here’s how to do it in just two steps.

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Mid-2012 MacBook Air Firmware Update Released To Help You Crash Better

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 3.21.01 PM

If you have a mid-2012 MacBook Air, Apple has released a small firmware update that addresses “a storage firmware issue that, in rare cases, may cause a system to fail to recover from crash.”

The update itself is just 1.69MB, and can be downloaded here

aTV Flash (Black) Updated To Jailbreak Latest Apple TV Firmware


Following the most recent Apple TV update that brought Bluetooth keyboard support, iTunes in the Cloud, and Up Next to the Apple TV, FireCore has released updates to their second-generation Apple TV jailbreaking software aTV Flash (black) and Seas0n Pass that allow you to get your jailbreak back on firmware 5.2.

Here’s what is new.

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Evasi0n 1.3 Brings Support For iOS 6.1.1 On iPhone 4S [Jailbreak]

Evasi0n Jailbreak iPhone 5

Evasi0n has been updated to support the iOS 6.1.1 firmware that was released for the iPhone 4S on Monday. This allows users who are suffering the 3G connection issues to update their iPhone’s software and then instantly restore their jailbreak.

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