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After Apple Design Award, Finish To-Do App Goes Freemium

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Teenage developer Ryan Orbuch already has an Apple Design Award under his belt thanks to Finish, his popular to-do app that’s billed as an anti-procrastination tool. Today Finish is going free in the App Store for good, but there’s a catch.

That’s right, here comes the “f” word: freemium. Users will be limited to 10 tasks and certain times can’t be associated with tasks until a $0.99 in-app upgrade is made to unlock Finish More. Calling it Finish Pro is “boring and sounds way too fancy,” according to Orbuch. Existing users won’t have to pay for the in-app upgrade.

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Finish 2.0 iPhone Task Manager Gets Design Refresh And Plenty Of New Features

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When Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen set out to make a task manager for the iPhone, they were both 16 years old. Now they’ve won a 2013 Apple Design Award for Finish, their app that specializes in combating procrastination.

Today, version 2.0 of Finish landed in the App Store, and among a design refresh, the update packs a ton of new features.

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Finish Things When You Want Them Finished [Review]

Finish what's most important first.

Finish what’s most important first.

Another week, another todo list. Given the fundamental simplicity of todo lists as we used to know them (scraps of paper with stuff scribbled on), it’s amazing that there’s so much endless innovation in the field of virtual ones. But so it goes, and Finish is one of the latest apps to try and add a new twist. And mostly, it succeeds.

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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Documents, Finish, Poster & More [Roundup]

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Documents, a great new file manager and media player for the iPad — which won’t cost you a penny — kicks off this week’s must-have apps roundup. Finish, a task management app designed for procrastinators, is also featured — along with Poster, the best WordPress client for iOS. We’ve also got a great new camera app that’ll help you take awesome photos on your iOS devices, without applying filters and effects.

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