Apple Finally Redesigns Find My Friends For iOS 7


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One of the last Apple apps to be redesigned for iOS 7 is Find My Friends, the company’s network for sharing your location and viewing the location of friends on a map. Before today’s update, Find My Friends looked incredibly outdated with leather stitching and an old-style map design.

Now the app looks much more at home in iOS 7. No new features have been added, but the design includes a new icon, lightweight interface, and an orange color scheme (orange is apparently the new black, if Apple’s recent iOS 7 app updates are any indication).

Find My Friends was first introduced before the release of iOS 5 in 2011. Version 3.0 of the app is available in the App Store now.

Source: App Store

Send Location-Based Emails Using Find My Friends App [iOS Tips]



Find My Friends is an interesting app, allowing family and friends to keep track of each other in real time. When you use your iTunes account with the Find My Friends app, you can let those important to you know where you are using the location services on your iOS device, like your iPhone.

But what if you have friends or family that don’t have iCloud, or even iOS (perish the thought!)? It turns out that the latest Find My Friends app that comes with iOS 6 allows for email notifications, so you can have your iPhone send out an automated, location-based email whenever you arrive or leave a specific location. Here’s how.