MacBook Pro: Too slow and not enough ‘pro’ [Review]


MacBook Pro
The new MacBook Pro is here, but is it worth it?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It’s been four long years since Apple’s last big update to the MacBook Pro lineup. But Apple finally answered our prayers and delivered us the brand new MacBook Pro we’ve been waiting for — or did it?

It’s a beautiful machine with an intriguing new interface element called the Touch Bar. Check out my full MacBook Pro review below for more.

Everything that’s new in Final Cut Pro X 10.3


Final Cut Editing
Apple packs a ton of updates into the new FCPX.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If you watched the most recent Mac media event, you already got a preview of Final Cut X — thanks to the on-stage demo showing how it worked in conjunction with the MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar. But there’s a whole lot more to the Final Cut Pro 10.3 update than that.

To check out what you’ll find in the latest update for Apple’s video-editing software, check out our comprehensive video below.

Apple Launching New Marketing Push For Final Cut Pro X To Win Over Professionals


Final Cut Pro X

It has been two years since Apple debuted the completely redesigned Final Cut Pro X in the Mac App Store for only $300. Final Cut Pro X was a simplified, barebones version of the $700 workhorse that came before it, and Apple managed to lose the faith of many media professionals in one fell swoop. Although Apple has continued to add big features to the new Final Cut over the years, many pro users have abandoned it for other alternatives.

Apple is beginning a new Final Cut marketing push to win back the hearts of professionals, according to a new report.

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro, Motion, And Compressor With Bug Fixes In Mac App Store


final cut pro x motion

Today Apple issued a significant update to Final Cut Pro that squashes a number of bugs. The 10.0.7 update addresses “overall stability, performance and compatibility” according to Apple, and it’s a free download for existing users in the Mac App Store.

The last Final Cut Pro update was released back in October, and it brought several key new features, including multichannel audio and RED camera support.

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro, Aperture, And iPhoto For Mac With Retina Graphics And More


Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 7.02.39 PM

Following the announcement of Apple’s new Retina Display-equipped MacBook Pros, new updates for several of the company’s OS X apps have been seeded. Final Cut Pro, Aperture, and iPhoto for Mac have all been updated with Retina graphics for the new MacBook Pro. The updates include several more improvements, including a shared photo library between iPhoto and Aperture.