Felt Desk Mat Is Like A Cosy Rug For Wrists



These days my desk is my lap. My work machine is an iPad, and my iMac is hanging on the wall, acting as little more than a BitTorrent machine and photo store. I still have a desk though, but it is useless for most of the year thanks to a marble top which sucks heat from my hands and wrists like a prisoner sucks on a cigarette after a week in solitary confinement.

Fortunately, there’s an accessory for people who – like me – love both felted wool, and their carpal tunnels. It’s the Desk-Pad Classic, and I will probably have ordered one by the time you finish reading this post.

Classy Leather And Felt Pockets For Your iPhone 5



An iPhone case has never “felt” this good (#rimshot). OK, I’ll stop with the puns already. This case for the iPhone 4 from Studio Credence is fashioned from merino wool felt with a leather pocket (and strap, depending on the model). It comes in a variety of tasteful colors, and looks both tough and useful enough to be a permanent iPhone case, even for the committed bareback user.