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You Can Now Make Voice Calls For Free With Facebook Messenger In Any Country

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Today Facebook Messenger was updated with the ability to make free voice calls over WiFi both domestically and internationally. Making calls over a cellular connection uses data. The features works similar to FaceTime Audio, which is natively baked into all iOS devices and Macs.

Facebook Messenger technically added VOIP (voice over IP) calling in January 2013, but the feature has been limited to the US, UK, and Canada until now. Facebook users with the Messenger iOS app installed can be called with a new phone icon at the top right of a conversation thread. The calling interface looks almost identical to Apple’s stock Phone app in iOS 7.1.

Messenger was recently updated with group messaging and forwarding. After WhatsApp was bought by Facebook earlier this year, it was revealed that VOIP calling is coming to that app as well in the coming months.

Facebook Messenger iOS App Brings Essential Features To New Update

Almost like a real Messages app.

Almost like a real Messages app.

Facebook Messenger, the iOS messaging app for the ubiquitous social network, has just updated with a couple of new cool features that will help cement the app’s place on your iPhone home screen.

While it already updated just a little while ago, there are some new additions that will make you sit up and take notice.

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Facebook Messenger Updated – Tap For Free Calls, Timeline Views

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, the standalone app for the social network’s chat system, was updated Tuesday night. The new version of the chat app, which also includes the now-standard bug fixes, adds two new features that can be accessed with a tap to a friend’s chat icon.

All you need to do is tap on a profile picture in any conversation in Messenger to view their Timeline on Facebook. The other option is to call them using Facebook’s voice chat for free.

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Completely Redesigned Facebook Messenger iOS 7 App Now Available

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Facebook has released a major redesign of its Messenger iPhone app in the App Store. The update is a significant departure from the previous version, and Facebook has designed it with iOS 7 in mind. Profile pictures are circular like they are for contacts in iOS 7, and Facebook is using a brighter color scheme that comes close to mimicking the look of Apple’s Messages app.

Badges now appear over friends’ pictures when they are on Messenger. Facebook has done a good job of stripping pretty much all of its normal branding out of the redesign, so Messenger looks like a typical chat app now.

A key addition is Messenger’s new integration with phone numbers. If someone has their phone number listed on Facebook or in your iPhone’s contacts, you can enter their number in the app to find them on Messenger. You can also message people through the app by using phone numbers in your contacts list.

Twitter To Launch Dedicated App For Direct Messaging [Rumor]


Twitter hopes to compete with instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Line with a new app that’s dedicated to direct messaging, AllThingsD reports. The company hopes the move will bring “the long-buried feature to the forefront” and place a new emphasis on its private messaging capabilities.

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Facebook Pages Manager Gets Photo Filters, Emoji & Stickers


Facebook Pages Manager for iOS just got a big version 2.0 update that brings a number of performance improvements and new features. Facebook says the app has been rebuilt to offer a smoother, faster experience, while photo filters and support for emoji and stickers have been added.

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Facebook Messenger For iOS Updated With Stickers, Swipe-To-Delete Gesture


Facebook has updated its Messenger iOS app with the ability to send and receive stickers, which are basically large emojis that are proprietary to the Facebook platform. Stickers were added to the main Facebook app last month.

Another feature has been added back to Facebook Messenger by popular request: swiping back to remove a conversation.

Google Rules The iOS App Store, But Facebook Is Biggest On Google Play


While Google’s Android platform may be the biggest rival to iOS, the search giant is happy to support users who choose Apple’s device. In fact, thanks to apps like YouTube and Google Maps, Google is the App Store’s top publisher, beating Apple on its own turf.

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Facebook Messenger’s VoIP Calling Feature Comes To iPhones In The U.K.

Facebook Messenger’s VoIP Calling Feature Comes To iPhones In The U.K.

Facebook has today rolled out its new VoIP calling feature to Messenger users in the United Kingdom, following its launch in the United States back in January. Available only on the iPhone, the feature allows users to make free voice calls to their Facebook friends over Wi-Fi and 3G.

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Facebook To Announce Its Own Smartphone, Messenger For iPad On Tuesday [Rumor]

What's up Zuckerberg's sleeve for this Tuesday?

What’s up Zuckerberg’s sleeve for this Tuesday?

Facebook is holding a big press event this Tuesday, January 15th, and when it comes to what the social network behemoth has up its sleeve, speculation abounds. Rumors about a Facebook smartphone have been swirling for years, with a report from March of last year claiming that Facebook was hiring Apple engineers who had previously worked on the iPhone and iPad.

The mysterious Facebook smartphone could finally become a reality this week. Facebook is also rumored to bring its Messenger iOS app to the iPad.

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