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Automatically Import Stuff From The iOS Clipboard Into Evernote [iOS Tips]


As an Evernote junkie and web-searcher, I use Evernote Web Clipper on my Mac, like, all the time. When I come across a great website, story, or even just some text on a page, I clip it right to Evernote, and then have the clipped notes with me on any platform, whether on the go with an iPad, iPhone, or at home on my Mac.

I’ve long wished for a way to do the same thing from my iOS devices, though. I typically copy the URL from my iOS browser of choice, then launch Evernote for iOS and paste it in there. Thank goodness, though, there’s another way, with EverClip, an iOS app for iPhone or iPad that lets you keep everything you copy to the clipboard–images, text, website URLs, whatever–synced up in an Evernote note.

Here’s how.

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This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: EverClip, Couch Music Player, Star Wars Pinball & More [Roundup]

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 11.27.07

Kicking off this week’s must-have apps roundup is EverClip for iPad, a terrific tool that lets you “clip” almost anything to Evernote, so that you can’t forget them. We also have a wonderful new music player for the iPad, the new Star Wars Pinball game, and more.

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The Awesome Everclip, Now Available For iPad

Everclip is one of the most used apps on my iPad, despite being iPhone-only. Until now, that is. Along with an update to the regular iPhone Everclip, there’s now an iPad version. No, it’s not universal and yes, it’ll cost you another $6, but if you’re an Everclip fan, you really won’t care.

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