Will EU hammer Apple for Irish tax arrangements? We’ll know soon


Apple may owe billions of euros in back taxes.
Apple may owe billions of euros in back taxes.
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Apple’s tax drama in Europe will finally come to a close later this fall.

The iPhone-maker has come under scrutiny from the European Union due to its tax deal with Ireland that safe guards Apple from paying taxes on billions of dollars in profits. Ireland’s finance minister revealed that he has no idea which way the decision will go, but he was told it’s coming soon.

Apple says it ‘pays every cent’ it owes in E.U. tax


Apple raked in the cash last quarter.
Apple claims it doesn't receive favorable tax deals in Ireland.
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Apple has spoken up about the European Union investigation into its Irish tax affairs, telling a panel of E.U. investigators that it pays “every cent of tax” it owes in the country, and that it gets no advantage whatsoever compared with other companies.

Apple’s CFO says the company should pay ‘zero’ extra tax in Europe


There's still a lot of money left in iOS devices.
Apple's Chief Financial Officer thinks Apple doesn't owe the E.U. one extra cent.
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Despite the noise being made about big multinationals using loopholes to avoid paying tax, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri has made it clear how much he thinks Apple owes as part of the European Union’s ongoing investigation.

“My estimate is zero,” he told the Financial Times. “I mean, if there is a fair outcome of the investigation, it should be zero.”

Don’t spend it all at once, E.U.!

Hold onto your seats! Here’s an update on the Apple tax investigation


Apple's IPO was one of the most anticipated of its day.
Ireland has a few more weeks to wait to find out if it's broken the law.
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After having initially been promised for a Christmas deadline, it now appears that both Apple and Ireland will have to  wait until February to receive the verdict of European Union regulators on whether or not Ireland has broken international tax rules by letting Apple shelter profits worth tens of billions of dollars there.

Apple launches Personal Pickup in six E.U. countries


Members of the press were given a preview of the new Apple Store in Brussels, which official opens Saturday.
Apple is making its retail store services more consistent around the world.
Photo: Photo Bruno Dalimonte/macplus.net

Apple has expanded its Personal Pickup scheme — which allows customers to order products online and then pick them up in their nearest brick-and-mortar Apple Store — to six new countries in the European Union, including France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.