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Apple Ranks 4th In EPA’s 30 Greenest Tech Companies List

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the greenest tech company of them all? Not Apple, at least according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of the Top 30 tech and Telecom companies that run on green power. But they weren’t far from the top.

According to the EPA’s ranking, Intel is the greenest tech company there is, having used over 3 billion kWh of green power in 2013. Next up, Microsoft, who took second place at just under 2 billion kWh. Google came in third with a distant 737 million kWH, and Apple came up in fourth place with 537 million kWH.

There is a consolation prize for Apple, though. While they may only be fourth greenest company in the EPA’s eyes, they did at least source more providers for that power than any other company on the list.

EPA Announces “Mobile First” Policy, Plans iOS/Mobile Apps Before Desktop Software

EPA Announces “Mobile First” Policy, Plans iOS/Mobile Apps Before Desktop Software

EPA makes mobile it's IT priority

It’s rare to see government agencies at the front of the technology curve, but it’s becoming more common with U.S. federal agencies after¬†U.S. CIO Steven VanRoekel¬†declared at CES that 2012 the year of mobile for the federal government. While most agencies have pushed to reevaluate their mobile technology option during the past few months, the Environmental Protection Agency seems to leading the government charge to mobile.

The EPA announced earlier this week that the agency has adopted a new “mobile first” policy. Under the policy, it is a setting forward-thinking IT mandate than even the most tech-savvy companies have yet to consider or embrace: develop solutions for mobile devices first and then re-work those solutions to function on the desktop.

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