New York district attorney calls for federal law to unlock seized iPhones


iPhone 7 back
Law enforcement officials still want Apple to hack the iPhone.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance wants the Trump administration to help create federal legislation requiring Apple and Google to remove default encryption from their smartphones.

The recommendation comes from the DA office’s second report on Smartphone Encryption and Public Safety, presented by Vance at the opening of the Manhattan DA’s new cyberlab. New York County is currently sitting on 423 iPhones it can’t break into, even with a warrant, so the DA’s office is pushing for change.

U.K. prime minister takes possible shot at Apple for refusing to help fight terrorists


Theresa May hasn't always been Apple's biggest fan.
Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Apple’s pro-encryption privacy standoff with the FBI may not have been in the news too much as of late, but Apple’s strong stance in favor of encryption continues to ruffle feathers among authorities.

Today. U.K. prime minister Theresa May gave a speech at the Tory party conference, in which she took what many are calling a veiled dig against Apple by referring to a “household name” that is refusing to work with officials to fight terrorism.

WhatsApp plans to beef up security with passcode lock


WhatsApp sure does like your photos and videos.
WhatsApp could soon become even more secure.
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After protecting your private conversations with end-to-end encryption, it seems WhatsApp wants to give you even greater peace of mind by adding passcode protection to its app.

The feature was uncovered by a team of translators which helps convert WhatsApp into other languages.