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Holy crap! Startling emoji discovery will taint your view of ice cream

Photo: Peter Miller/Twitter

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Photo: Peter Miller/Twitter

Apple is making some big changes to emoji with the inclusion of racially diverse characters in iOS 8.3, but the company has been hiding an emoji secret under our fingertips for years.

A startling emoji discovery was made this week by Peter Miller, who realized that the poop emoji is almost identical to the ice cream cone emoji — minus the cone and plus a splash of color. On Android, the poop and ice cream icons are pretty different, but it looks like whoever created Apple’s has been regurgitating old designs to save time.

You’ll never look at ice cream the same again. Sorry.

iOS 8.3 reveals emoji combos with a simple backspace


Emoji combos can be revealed on iOS 8.3 with backspace. Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

Apple snuck a major new emoji feature into its first iOS 8.3 beta, and we’re not talking about the racially diverse kind. Along with the new skin-tones for emoji added last week, Apple has included a potentially big feature with the new emoji keyboard that lets users deconstruct some emoji to discover their emoji combos.

By tapping backspace on emoji like KISS (man, man), users can reveal the combination of two or three emoji that represent the original emoji selected. The feature only works on some of the kissing and couple emoji, but it could be expanded to include more in the future.

Here are the different combos you can unlock:

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Meet the delicious future of emoji: ligatures

Ligatures. Photo: Alexa Grafera

Ligatures are the tastiest emojis yet. Photo: Alexa Grafera

Apple is making revolutionary breakthroughs in emoji technology with racially diverse emoji in iOS 8.3. For their next innovative addition, wouldn’t it be great if multiple emoji could be joined together as a single icon?

Designers Alexa Grafera and Louie Mantia teamed up to create a delicious new style of emoji called ligatures. The duo made a special set of ice cream fixins emoji that can be strung together to make the tasty-looking desserts found in Alexa’s ice cream emoji GIF above.

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Apple adds 300 racially diverse emojis to iOS 8.3

300 new emoji are coming to your iPhone soon. Photo: Cult of Mac

300 new emoji are coming to your iPhone soon. Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple paved the way for racially diverse emoji to come to the Mac two week ago, and now with the release of iOS 8.3 beta 2, Apple has added access to 300 new emoji for iPad and iPhone users.

With iOS 8.3 beta 2 Apple now allows users to choose between five different skin tones for 60 different emoji. Switching between the different skin tones is just as easy as adding an accent mark to letters: simply press and hold an emoji to reveal the the entire palette of color options.

Here are some of the new emojis in action:

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Apple paves way for racially diverse emoji in OS X 10.10.3 beta


Apple added an emoji skin tone modifier to OS X. Photo: Buster Hein

Apple’s promise to bring more racially diverse emojis to iOS and OS X has been nearly a year in the making, but in yesterday’s OS X 10.10.3 beta the company snuck in some code that finally paves the way for the emojis of the future.

While everyone else was playing with the new Photos beta, Sachin Patel noticed Apple made some big changes to the “Emoji & Symbols” palette that can be accessed from the Edit menu in most apps or by pressing Control + Command + Space. Along with renaming the Special Characters menu option Apple also added a new drop down arrow on all the human emojis that lets you select between five different skin tones.

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Dirty emoji make sexting simple (NSFW)

Sexting made visual with the help of Flirtmoji. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Sexting gets visual with Flirtmoji. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

With packages of dirty emoji filed under group headings like Teen Dream and Fetish 101, the artistically perverted designers at Flirtmoji are ready to help the masses up their sexting game.

Anatomically correct emoji, plus classic icons of the sexual revolution such as the rainbow flag and a banana wearing a condom, will make it easy for you to make yourself perfectly clear.

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This addictive iOS game is made entirely of emoji

What it says on the tin. Photo: Ivan Grachyov

What it says on the tin. Photo: Ivan Grachyov

Many would-be game designers never make their games a reality because they don’t possess the artistic chops to create the graphics their game depends upon. But not being able to draw didn’t stop Ivan Grachyov, a computer science student at Moscow State University, and the resulting game might just be the next Flappy Bird.

The Russian designer’s creation? Emoji Cosmos, a game made of nothing but emoji!

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Your keyboard is about to get 755 new racially diverse emojis

Emoji are about to get more racially diverse. Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

Emoji are about to get more racially diverse. Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

Racial diversity has been a problem for emoji for years now, but the Unicode Consortium has finally proposed a new solution that will add more than 755 new character options to the little pictograms that have quickly replaced all our words.

Five new skin tones will added to the mostly white faces of the emoji character set, according to a draft for Unicode Version 8.0 that will hopefully get adopted pretty quickly to get, after Apple and others began to push for characters that reflect the diversity of its users.

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Finally, an emoji keyboard that’s better than Apple’s


Screenshot: Alex Heath/ Cult of Mac

It’s not that Apple’s emoji keyboard is necessarily bad, but it could be better. If you’re a hardcore emoji user, you know that it’s a pain to scroll through and find the perfect emoji in the moment.

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect funny face or food item for the conversation. To take your emoji game to the next level, you need a third-party keyboard called Emoji++.

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Your keyboard is about to get 250 new emoji


Emojing has already replaced texting as the go-to zero-effort communication tool of youngsters everywhere, and all those emoji version of popular songs and TV shows are about a lot more elaborate thanks to huge unicode update.

250 new emoji have been added to unicode standard 7.0 that is used to standardize the presentation of text across different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows, and while it’s still up to software makers to actually implement the new standards, you can expect them to land on iOS pretty soon.

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