Case Turns The Rear Of Your iPhone Into A Big Soft Light



The iPhone’s LED lamp is a handy as hell. I never, ever use it for photos, but I use it as a flashlight all the time, and I have it set to flash when my iPhone gives me an alert (usually it makes my jeans pocket flash alarmingly).

Now I can use it to light up my iPhone’s whole back, if I choose to put it in the curvy Theo Light, a case that works like the Kindle Paperwhite’s magical light-up screen. And I might even start using it for photos.

iOS Dev Uses Passbook To Automatically Update Fans On New App


Second Gear, the creator of popular Markdown editor Elements for iOS, is currently developing a new app, and it has a novel way of updating fans on its progress.

Rather than issuing a boring newsletter via email or announcing developments on a blog, the company is offering digital Passbook passes that provide automatic updates on its progress.

Gorgeous New App Gives You Over 300+ Skulls To Play With On Your iPad



If you’re anything like me, you often sit around and wonder what the people and animals you know look like with their skin and musculature pulled off to reveal the screaming skulls beneath. Unfortunately, pulling the faces off of actual living creatures to stare at their skeletons tends to be considered, as I understand it, somewhat declasse amongst the bourgeoise, so until society reconsiders its values, there’s this: the Skulls app by Simon Winchester.