These Wacky Presidential Wallpapers Will Help You Celebrate Election Day With Style [Gallery]


JFK Alien Hunter

No matter which presidential candidate you’re voting for, today is a day to be proud for America. As Americans across the country come together to decide the direction of the country, we should relish the freedom we have to vote and elect a new president every four years. Democracy is one of the greatest aspects of the good ‘ole U.S.A.

Politics surrounding elections are always crazy, so we think the best way to celebrate Election Day is a bunch of wallpapers showing famous American presidents and historical figures doing crazy things as they fight for America’s freedom (literally). Check ’em out. Download them to your iPad or iPhone, and get out and vote. 

Disabled Voters To Cast Ballots With iPads

AP photo.
AP photo.

Disabled voters in Oregon will nominate their next Representative in Congress with the tap of a finger.

The state is launching the first iPad voting scheme in the U.S. as it goes to the polls tomorrow to replace ex-Representative David Wu, who left amid allegations of sex with a minor.

Election workers will take the iPads to disabled voters who might otherwise have difficulties marking their ballots, the AP wrote.