Embrace the new Kindle Paperwhite for reading bliss


Get a gazillion books at your fingertips day and night with the Kindle Paperwhite.
Get a gazillion books at your fingertips day and night with the Kindle Paperwhite.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Lust List: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

My wife is a voracious reader. And a bit of a hoarder.

So I tried to convince her to start reading ebooks on her iPad mini, instead of constantly bringing home new books from the book store. But it was not an easy transition. Partly because she loves to support our local bookstores and partly because she didn’t love the reading experience on the iPad.

Into the house comes a Paperwhite and all that changed.

Apple should totally steal the new Amazon Kindle’s micro-etched display


The Kindle Voyage's new micro-etched glass display. Image via the Verge.

I love my iPad mini, but the “tablet” I love reading on most isn’t an iPad, it’s my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. It’s just a fantastically pure device that strips away everything that gets in the way of its major purpose: to read digital books as comfortably as possible.

So I was excited when Amazon announced it’s next-generation Kindle e-reader today. Called the Kindle Voyage, it’s a higher resolution Kindle with 300 pixels per inch, a new pressure sensitive bezel for page turning, and intelligent front lighting.

But that’s not why I’m excited about it: I’m excited because it has an awesome new glass panel on the front that boasts technology my iPad could use.

Grab A Fine Group Of SciFi E-Books For Your Tablet, Pay What You Want


If you’re a science fiction or fantasy fan, and you own an iPad, Android tablet, or other e-reader device, you owe it to yourself to check out the second annual Humble eBook Bundle, with a fantastic selection of genre books ready to go, DRM-free. Oh, and you can pay what you want for them, as well. Which includes, “nothing,” you skinflint.

Eddy Cue Had To Convince Steve Jobs That iBooks Would Be Awesome On iPad



iBooks has been a big successful venture for Apple — despite the ongoing price fixing case from the Department of Justice — but it’s a service that may never have been if Eddy Cue hadn’t convinced Steve Jobs it would be awesome on the iPad.

Before Apple was gearing up to launch its popular tablet in late 2009, Steve Jobs wasn’t interested in the iBooks idea, and he felt e-books had no place on desktops and small smartphone displays.

These Gorgeous, Book-Themed iPad Wallpapers Are Perfect For The iPad Mini As E-Reader [Gallery]



The iPad mini is rather perfectly sized for an e-reader: light, easy to hold, super thin. What better way to show off your reading street cred with a set of luxuriously tasty book-themed images? They’re perfectly sized for the iPad mini, with higher resolution options for its larger, more Retina-enabled bigger brothers, too.