Boxer E-mail App Adds SaneBox Support



Boxer, my current and all-time favorite iOS e-mail client, has now added Sanebox to its list of features. Sanebox, if you don’t know it, is a service that weeds out the crap from your e-mail inbox and presses it into a solid nugget that can be easily disposed of, after you’ve picked it over for anything good. And you can now try it out without signing up, right inside Boxer itself.

Boxer Mail App Now For iPad, Adds Evernote And Sanebox Support



Boxer is another of the new breed of apps that let you swipe your way through e-mail and get to the Zen state known only as “inbox zero.” Mailbox was arguably the first of these apps – which also let you turn your e-mails into to-dos – but it’s Gmail only and the iPad version sucks. Boxer, née Taskbox (which supports pretty much every e-mail service including vanilla IMAP), has just gotten bumped to v4.0, adding in iPad support and a slew of other welcome extras. It’s also $1 instead of $5 for a while, in way of celebration.

Mailbox Updated With Integrated Dropbox Attachments



Mailbox, the miracle mashup of mail and to-do lists, has just seen the first fruit of its Dropbox ownership – Dropbox Attachments. Thought the release notes don’t make a big deal of this at all – they read “Dropbox attachments integration,” and there’s not even a new screenshot to show it – it’s actually a pretty great new feature.

Mail Ninja Lets You Slash And Cut Your Way To Inbox Zero



I’m completely reliant on Mailbox for my mail processing now: it’s just so easy to swipe and tap my way to an empty inbox that I prefer using my iPhone over the iPad or even the Mac to get things done (the iPad version of Mailbox is plain terrible, with a janky layout and tiny tiny body text for many messages).

But iPhone mail newcomer Ninja Mail might usurp Mailbox’s place in my daily e-mail “workflow.” No, it can’t file things for later, or even send the messages to folders. But it has one thing that makes it amazing fun to use: Swishing sword sounds that accompany every swipe.