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Revolutionary new mobile battery delivers double the juice

It looks like a full battery, but with your new iPad, looks can be deceiving.

There aren’t too many better sights than a fully-charged battery. Photo: Apple

Whether it’s the iPhone 6, the Apple Watch or some other hot piece of tech, battery life is one of the most commonly criticized aspects of today’s devices.

That may be about to change, however, courtesy of a University of Michigan spinoff company called Sakti3, which has developed a new type of solid-state battery capable of storing twice the energy of traditional liquid-based lithium rechargeable batteries.

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Gadget Watch: Staying home with robots

Samsung Doesn’t Just Copy Apple; It’s Ripping Off Dyson’s Vacuum Cleaners, Too


Samsung has earned quite a name for itself copying Apple’s most successful products, but it’s not only in smartphones, tablets, computers, and accessories where the South Korean company sources its inspiration from its closest rivals. British manufacturer Dyson is suing Samsung for allegedly ripping off one of its inventions in a new vacuum cleaner that was unveiled at IFA in Berlin last week.

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U.K. Retailer Lists ‘Apple Mystery Product’ On List Of Top Ten Christmas Gifts

U.K. Retailer Lists ‘Apple Mystery Product’ On List Of Top Ten Christmas Gifts

Retailers expect a “mystery” Apple device to be a big hit this Christmas.

We’re nearly halfway through July, and while the vast majority of us are enjoying the summer weather (unless you live in the U.K. where it continues to rain), retailers are already preparing for Christmas. U.K. retailer Currys and PC World just published its of predictions for the top ten gifts this holiday, and at number four it lists an “Apple mystery device” with pricing to be confirmed.

Could this mystery device be the upcoming iPad mini?

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