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iPhone 5 Perfectly Suited To People Who Take Pictures Of Their Food [Humor]

iPhone 5 Perfectly Suited To People Who Take Pictures Of Their Food [Humor]

“These pictures look so good that nobody would ever imagine you lie awake at night wondering why you can’t feel happiness.”

Apple parody commercials are nothing new, but this is the first I’ve seen for the upcoming iPhone 5. According to video artist and creator Adam Sacks, Apple’s next iPhone will be perfectly suited to those who feel the need to take pictures of their food “to create the illusion of a fulfilling life.”

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The Kiboko 22L+ Is One Of The Best DSLR Backpacks Around — But It’ll Cost Ya [Review]

The Kiboko 22L+ Is One Of The Best DSLR Backpacks Around — But It’ll Cost Ya [Review]

As pro as they come: Gura Gear’s Kiboko 22L+ Camera Backpack

Gura Gear’s Kiboko 22L+ ($379) can gulp down multiple DLSRs, two or three lenses, your multitude of other photo accessories, and oh yeah, a 17-inch Macbook Pro, but still fit in the overhead bin of almost any aircraft in the world.

But its tricks don’t stop there.

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The Lowepro Flipside Protects Your DSLR While You Search The Forests For Bigfoot [Review]

Flipside sport 15l aw 1

Few camera bags are built keep your camera gear safe while you hike, bike, and conquer the wilderness like the manly man that you are. But the Flipside Sport 15L All-Weather camera bag from Lowepro ($135) was designed to do exactly that, and comes standard with some tricks you won’t find on your everyday camera sack.

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Declutter Your Camera Bag With These Battery And SD Card Wallets From ThinkTank [Review]

Dslr battery holder 4 pixel pocket 1

Most camera bags today offer a big pocket or pouch you can use to keep safe your motley crew of memory cards and batteries, but I really hate digging through a man-purse full of photo nicknacks just to find the SD card I need. Worse, in my years as a photographer, I can’t count how many times I’ve misplaced or lost entirely items from my conglomerate of memory cards because I end up just throwing them somewhere in my bag.

The SD Pixel Pocket Rocket (PPR for short, $15.75) and DSLR Battery Holder 4 (DBH 4, $16.50) from ThinkThank Photo aim to fix those storage woes by keeping your ample nacelles and secure disks stored and stashed in their own teensy little wallets.

Hmmpph! Their own wallets? It’s a wacky notion, to be sure — but I think it’s working!

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Size Does Matter, At Least When We’re Talking Camera Sensors

Size Does Matter, At Least When We’re Talking Camera Sensors

That’s what she said.

So, check this out. The folks behind CameraSize, a clever little web site that compares camera specifications with easily viewable images for size comparison, have created SensorSize. Ever wondered what the camera on your iPhone 4S is packing? How about comparing it to other smartphones, point and shoot phones, or – gasp – actual DSLR cameras?

SensorSize will do it all, with a nice little infographic, as you can see above.

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The Phottix Odin Is One Of The Best DSLR Flash Triggers I’ve Ever Used [Review]

Phottix odin 1

All great photographers know how to light well. And step one of good lighting is getting your flash off the top of your DLSR, where it sits and spews gross rays onto every one of your unfortunate victims, and onto a light stand where it belongs.

But how does one make a flash work when it’s not on the camera? The Phottix Odin Flash Trigger for Canon ($350) is up to the task, but that’s a major understatement. The Odin isn’t just another flash trigger system — it’s a Cadillac of features at a Honda price.

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The C-Loop Is A Smarter Way To Connect Your Camera To Its Strap [Review]

c loop

The C-Loop and its magic swivel-arm.

Most all DSLRs come with built-in top-side brackets you can use to attach your camera strap. But what you might not know, is that it’s far more comfortable to attach your camera strap to the bottom of your DSLR, especially while you’re walking. And wearing your camera while it’s slung down near your hip also helps prevent your lens from bumping and grinding into the nearest person, place, or thing — something you’ll appreciate in a crowded room.

But how do you connect a strap to your DSLR’s bottom? An adapter that screws into your camera’s tripod mount will do the trick. And the C-Loop ($40), from Custom SLR, is exactly that. But the C-Loop also has an inconspicuous talent that all other tripod mount adapters lack.

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See The Softer Side Of Your DSLR’s Speedlite With The Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible [Review]

Gf lightshpere10

There are probably a thousand different flash-diffusing accessories out there that claim to transform your DSLR Speedlite’s sickly beam of photons into one that’s more soft’n’dreamy. Problem is, many portable diffusers are tricky to use, don’t work well, or both.

But the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible ($60), though it looks a little too much like a flash’s top hat, is surprisingly effective at softly lighting all that surrounds it.

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The Gary Fong Puffer Makes Your DSLR Popup Flash Better [Review]

Gary Fong Puffer

Nice and neat in the hot shoe: Gary Fong's Puffer

The Gary Fong Puffer ($22) has one function: diffuse your popup flash’s harsh light, making it softer, more eye-pleasing, and eminently more usable. It mostly delivers on that promise, but will it cure my distain for actually using popup flash? Doubtful.

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Carry Your Camera Gear Across The World With The Think Tank International [Review]

Think Tank International

The Think Tank International is ready for stowing in a carry-on compartment near you

The International ($350), from Think Tank Photo, is similar to every other piece of rolling luggage you’ve probably used, with a retractable handle and rolling wheels, but on the inside, instead of keeping your dirty drawers stowed, it secures treasures of a different kind: your plethora of expensive camera gear. And it does so admirably.

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