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Steve Jobs’ BFF flashes back to their groovy acid trips

This guy did LSD with Steve Jobs in college. Photo: CNNMoney

This guy did LSD with Steve Jobs in college. Photo: CNNMoney

What would it be like to drop acid with Steve Jobs?

Daniel Kottke was one of Apple’s first employees, but he knew Jobs from even earlier days at Reed College. The two bonded over their love for meditation and eastern spirituality at Reed. They also did a lot of LSD.

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Drug-fueled action app Intake doesn’t deliver many highs


If you’ve ever wanted to tap nervously on the screen, listen to repetitive dubstep, and watch colorful pills fall in front of your eyes, now there’s an app for that. Intake: Be Aggressive is a self-described “psychedelic shooter” for iPad that carelessly toys with the concept of club drugs, but without the trippy fun.

Intake: Be Aggressive by Cipher Prime Studios
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPad
Price: $2.99

I expected more from Cipher Prime Studios, the makers of Splice: Tree of Life and Pulse: Volume One. Intake: Be Aggressive is a very simple tapping game where two different colors of pills fall from the top of the screen, and your job is to tap on them to chain together a combo. You can tap the space at the very bottom to switch colors and prevent the chain from breaking.

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Cult of Mac Magazine: The Vice Issue

This week  Cult of Mac Magazine looks at vice in the iTunes store.

Reporter Luke Dormehl talks to the devs who are making a living — if not a fortune — skirting the Apple censors, in a store that’s intended to be squeaky clean and suitable for minors.

He also looks into why, despite the Cupertino company’s rigid guidelines and “boob ban” of years past, there are plenty of questionable apps available to all. Sex, drugs and drinking games are the available in app form by the dozens, some of them rated suitable for ages 4+. This cat-and-mouse game to keep the store family-friendly yet appeal to developers with a gold-rush mentality has also given rise to a cottage industry of consultants who help app makers get into the store with more adult content than Apple intends to allow.

If you’ve got some of that content on your device and want to hide it, we take a look into Apple’s methods to put that stuff under a virtual mattress and apps that let you “vault” material you don’t want prying eyes to see.  We also look into some of the outrageous apps Apple has banned over the years after they slipped into the store as well as the risqué ones that are still available today.

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Cult of Mac Magazine

UK Government Pushes Health Apps For The People

Andrew Lansley looking at an app

Photo of Andrew Lansley looking at apps from Department of Health Flickr feed; used with permission

Doctors in the UK might soon be able to prescribe apps as well as drugs, following a government study that asked the public to nominate their own favorite health-related apps.

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