This sleek camera drone captures selfies from the skies

Just hurl it into the air and start moving. Photo: Lily Camera/The Verge

Forget about your run-of-the-mill selfie stick, the future of mobile photography could very well be a new easy-to-use, self-flying camera drone — which users launch into the air like a frisbee and which will then follow them around capturing gorgeous HD video as it does so.

Called the Lily Camera, the rugged and waterproof camera drone boasts a 12MP 1080p camera, is small and light enough to fit in a regular backpack, and functions by way of both GPS and the latest computer vision algorithms.

Check out a video demonstration below:

NSFW: First porn shot with aerial drone


Porn typically  leads the way in the tech world. Photo: Ghost+Cow films
Porn typically leads the way in the tech world. Photo: Ghost+Cow films

Shot on location in San Francisco, this film shows the more human side of drone technology: taking to the skies and filming beautiful people having sex.

Porn has always driven the adoption of new technologies, including VHS, Blue-Ray, and the internet itself. Online payment systems, streaming technologies, and even broadband technology has been driven by our endless need to see other people doing the nasty.

When there’s a new technology on offer, the adult entertainment business is the first to adopt and exploit it. Drones are no different: what better way to engage our inner voyeur than with footage of the sexual act.

The below video has an atmospheric soundtrack and — yes — people engaging in the oldest human activity on earth. While it’s tastefully done (there are no close ups of the action), the nakedness is clearly visible and is, as such, not safe for any environment like work or the subway. With that warning firmly in hand, head on through to see the video.

Apple’s Campus 2 takes shape in new drone video


What the finished product will look like.
What the finished product will look like.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new UFO-shaped campus is coming on in leaps and bounds, as per a new video from drone photographer and YouTube user myithz.

Myithz flew his DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus quadrocopter over Cupertino’s Campus 2 and recorded footage showing that the front portion of the building is now cemented, while the subterranean walls have also been built along the sides.

Parrot MiniDrone Is Most Lusted-After CES Revelation So Far [CES 2014]


Journalists flocked to the Parrot booth. Credit: Eli Milchman

CES 2014 bug LAS VEGAS — Maybe tech journalists are prone to ADHD, and simply attracted to things that flit about. Or maybe the rest of the gadgets strewn about the room at CES Unveiled, the press-only event that customarily kicks off CES for journalists, just weren’t all that zingy this year. Or maybe Parrot‘s Lilliputian drone really is that cool.

Whatever the reason, Parrot’s new MiniDrone — a miniaturized version of their AR Drone with no camera but detachable wheels that let it roll about on the ground or “climb” a wall — drew throngs of tech bloggers and had camera crews lined up to film.