Camera Lucida: Use Your iPhone’s Camera To Help You Draw On Paper



Back at the end of May I wrote about a great Kickstarter project which updated the Camera Lucida. The Neo Lucida is a prism on a bendy stick that you can use to superimpose the scene in front of you onto a sheet of paper so you can “trace” around real objects.

In the post I wondered if there was an app that would use your iPhone’s camera to do the same thing, but then – as usual – I didn’t read any comments. Reader Golan pointed out that the app is called Camera Lucida, and as of this weekend it has updated to v7.0.

Amaziograph: Draw Spirographic Kaleidoscopic Patterns Right On Your iPad



Amaziograph really is amazio-ing. Do you remember the Spirograph, the plastic, cog-based drawing tool that lets you come up with all kinds of psychedelic geometric designs using paper and pens? Or the kaleidoscope, the favorite freakout kids toy of bong-smokers the world over?

Well, imagine that you could somehow combine the two into a smoke-free, drug-free (and more importantly, paper-free) app for the iPad. That app would be Amaziograph, a $1 drawing tool developed by 15-year-old Bulgarian high-schooler Hristo Staykov.

Get Artist Corner For iPad And A Chance To Win A $100 Apple Giftcard [Freebie]


CoM - medium_win_apple_gift_card

It’s not very often you find a contest where everyone wins, but that’s exactly what we have in store for you here at Cult of Mac Deals with this offer!

Artist Corner is the revolutionary new drawing and coloring app made specifically for the iPad. Download this iPad app for free and you’ll have endless hours of entertainment for your children, nephews, nieces, or any other child who wants to let their inner artist shine. And you can use the app to create a drawing to enter for a chance to win a $100 Apple gift card. (Note: Five drawings will be selected for a total of five $100 gift card giveaways.)