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Photographer Trashes Disposable Cameras To Make Instagram IRL

Talking of taking your iPhone to the beach, here’s another way to keep it safe from harm: don’t take it at all. Instead of Instagramming the topless ladies down at your local sea’n’sand pit, you could roll your own analog Instagram. No, not a Polaroid, but disposable cameras, dicked with to make them take even worse photos than they already do.

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DIY Camera Harness Makes You Look Like A Trigger-Happy TV Cop

I wouldn’t tell anyone else this, but I’m going to admit it to you: I spend far too many brain cycles pondering better ways to carry my camera and other essentials. Worse, I have a box full of bags and straps leftover from my efforts. So i’m not sure whether this tutorial for making a DIY harness is a great idea of the beginning of another foolhardy adventure. I suspect it might be both.

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DIY iCable Tidy Promotes Home Harmony

DIY iCable Tidy Promotes Home Harmony

There are several truths about cables:

  1. Despite having a rats nest of cables in the back of your closet, you can never find the one you actually want.
  2. All cables – ALL OF THEM – are self-tangling. And “tangle-free” cables are the worst.
  3. Try as you might, you have never managed to come up with a good way to organize cables and have them look good.

This is one reason I like the look of Brit Morin’s cool DIY project. The other reason is that it’s not just for cables but for several other things I have too many of: sunglasses, neckties, straps (just kidding about the neckties).

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DIY Cable Tidy Channels MacBook Mag-Safe Connector

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is clearly nonsense. My mother’s family photos, for instance, are worth three (Flash. Too. Bright). But this simple photo, from LifeProTips on Twitter, really does explain everything…

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DIY Travel Charging Kit Fashioned From Portable Battery And USB Hub

Lifehacker’s Adam ”never seen without a beanie" Dachis has come up with an ingenious solution for the gadget-laden traveler. Instead of messing around with travel chargers or any other gadget-by-gadget solution, he built a mobile charging station out of a giant portable battery and a USB hub.

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Snip! Slash! Staple! Make A MacBook Desk Stand From An Old Pizza Box

I always thought the handiest thing I could do with a pizza box was to toss it in the trash and use the little three-legged plastic widget (the one that stops the lid from touching your cheese) as a milking stool for my Barbies [1] .

But I was wrong. Assuming that you can keep the cheesy grease off the box, then a few cuts and folds will turn it into this awesome MacBook stand.

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Beautiful Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock — With DIY Plans

Iphone diy box

You could easily make your own iPhone amplifier dock from a shoebox. Or better, an old wooden wine case. Or best of all, you could get out your clamps, drills, router and hot glue and go medieval on some pile of wood’s ass. If you choose the latter route, then you should download the plans (totally SFW) from Renee at Red Bird Blue – her amazing creation is what you see in the picture above.

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How To Set Up An Airport Extreme Base Station (Like A Total Doofus) [Humor]


What’s wrong with this setup? (Hint: track the blue cable from end to end.)

Our fearless commander-in-chief Leander Kahney is a strange cuckoo. He is, of course, a dashing and famous technology journalist par example, while his family is inexplicably a bunch of Luddites.

So check out what happened when Leander tried to coach someone in his family how to set up an extra Airport Extreme base station over the phone. No matter how many times he explained how to do it, it wouldn’t work… so Leander drove over to see what the problem was. This is what he saw.

What’s the most ridiculous tech support problem you’ve had to solve for a family member? Let us know in the comments.

Make Your Own Waxed Canvas Bag [DIY]

You know those cool old waxed canvas bags which used to keep things dry before miners discovered nylon in a cave in Papua New Guinea1? Now you can make your own! Well, technically you could always make your own. But now Photojojo has provided a guide for you. Spoiler: it’s dead easy.

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DIY iPhone LED Ring-Light For Under $10

Just a few weeks back we brought you the then-cheap $100 ring-light for the iPhone, a cheap way to shoot flat fashion photos and videos with your favorite camera. Now, though, you can achieve the same thing for just $10.

Bonus: It’s a DIY project, so you have a great excuse to ignore your family this Christmas.

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