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Snip! Slash! Staple! Make A MacBook Desk Stand From An Old Pizza Box

I always thought the handiest thing I could do with a pizza box was to toss it in the trash and use the little three-legged plastic widget (the one that stops the lid from touching your cheese) as a milking stool for my Barbies [1] .

But I was wrong. Assuming that you can keep the cheesy grease off the box, then a few cuts and folds will turn it into this awesome MacBook stand.

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Beautiful Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock — With DIY Plans

Iphone diy box

You could easily make your own iPhone amplifier dock from a shoebox. Or better, an old wooden wine case. Or best of all, you could get out your clamps, drills, router and hot glue and go medieval on some pile of wood’s ass. If you choose the latter route, then you should download the plans (totally SFW) from Renee at Red Bird Blue – her amazing creation is what you see in the picture above.

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How To Set Up An Airport Extreme Base Station (Like A Total Doofus) [Humor]


What’s wrong with this setup? (Hint: track the blue cable from end to end.)

Our fearless commander-in-chief Leander Kahney is a strange cuckoo. He is, of course, a dashing and famous technology journalist par example, while his family is inexplicably a bunch of Luddites.

So check out what happened when Leander tried to coach someone in his family how to set up an extra Airport Extreme base station over the phone. No matter how many times he explained how to do it, it wouldn’t work… so Leander drove over to see what the problem was. This is what he saw.

What’s the most ridiculous tech support problem you’ve had to solve for a family member? Let us know in the comments.

Make Your Own Waxed Canvas Bag [DIY]

You know those cool old waxed canvas bags which used to keep things dry before miners discovered nylon in a cave in Papua New Guinea1? Now you can make your own! Well, technically you could always make your own. But now Photojojo has provided a guide for you. Spoiler: it’s dead easy.

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DIY iPhone LED Ring-Light For Under $10

Just a few weeks back we brought you the then-cheap $100 ring-light for the iPhone, a cheap way to shoot flat fashion photos and videos with your favorite camera. Now, though, you can achieve the same thing for just $10.

Bonus: It’s a DIY project, so you have a great excuse to ignore your family this Christmas.

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How To Make A Minimal iPad Lap Desk [How-To]

How To Make A Minimal iPad Lap Desk [How-To]

Even a small desk is spacious when you use an iPad.

Regular readers will know that I now do all my work using an iPad. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go over the technical details again.

But I will tell you about this excellent new lap desk I have. Better than that, I made it myself, so follow along to see how you can make your own.

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iPhone 5 Teardown Reveals Easy-To-Swap Screen, Beefed-Up Home Button

iPhone 5 Teardown Reveals Easy-To-Swap Screen, Beefed-Up Home Button

The iPhone 5 screen comes off like Brad Pitt’s shirt: fast.

After boarding a plane to Melbourne, Australia to be one of the first in the whole world to get their hands on an iPhone 5, the folks at iFixit have torn it apart and found that — surprise — the new iPhone seems to actually have been designed with easy repair in mind. Partially, at least.

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Turn Your Car’s Vestigial Ashtray Into A Handy iPhone Dock

Here are two things that are probably true: you don’t smoke, and you own an old, disused iPhone dock. Here are some things which are almost guaranteed to be true: You own a dock connector cable and a 3.5 mm jack cable

And if you live in the U.S, and you haven’t yet achieved enlightenment and switched to a bike, then you almost certainly have a car. Put these things together and what do you get? Jalopnik’s neat DIY in-car iPhone dock.

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This Crazy Fan Recreated The Apple Store In His Home Office Down To The Smallest Detail

This Crazy Fan Recreated The Apple Store In His Home Office Down To The Smallest Detail

I like the Apple Store as much as any Apple fan, but I wouldn’t want to live and work there.

You can’t say the same thing for David Wu, though. “Call me mad. Call me crazy. But I woke up one day around three months or more ago and decided to completely renovate my home study.”

So what’d he do? He made his home office a virtual recreation of an Apple Store, not only including a replica of Apple’s distinctive Fetzer Wooden Maple desks (with working drawers), a replica Apple Store sign with built-in, Apple TV-driven LED display and even a couple shelves full of boxed Apple products.

I’ll go ahead and call David Wu crazy. Here’s to the crazy ones. Read more about how he did it at his blog. More pictures of David’s sick set-up below, but make sure to go to Wu’s personal site for the rest.

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Buy Your Own Google Street View Camera Kit

Diystreetview mini

Now you too can steal Wi-Fi info and skirt privacy issues.

Street View is fantastic. You can check out a hotel’s fa├žade before you even book a room, you can walk down a street where you remember there was this awesome store, only you can’t remember its name, or you can wander through far-off cities.

Now, you can make your own Street Views, with this camera and software kit from DIY Streetview.

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