This Is What The iPad 5 Will Look Like Head On


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We’ve known for a long, long time that the fifth-generation iPad would borrow the iPad mini’s design cues and have thinner bezels on the side for a more streamlined form factor. Heck, iLounge’s Jeremy Horowitz said as much as early as January of this year, claiming that the iPad 5 would be “a lot smaller than one would guess is possible” with “virtually no left or right bezels.”

For months now, we’ve seen parts leak out of Asia confirming that report, including cases, rear shells, and more. Today, we have leaked images of the front panel and digitizer. And yup! Look, Ma! No bezels.

High Quality Images Of iPhone 5 Dummy Showcase New Super Slim Design


Meet your next iPhone.
Meet your next iPhone.

Who needs Tim Cook to announce the next-generation iPhone when you have dummy devices leaking out of Taiwan that show exactly what it’s going to look like. Apple might as well just add it to the store already, right?

These high quality images showcase the iPhone 5’s new form factor, including its super slim display, its new back plate, and of course, its new dock connector.

WSJ: New iPhone Will Feature Thinner Display With In-Cell Touch Technology


The new iPhone could be at least 1.4mm thinner thanks to its new display.

In an effort to make its sixth-generation iPhone slimmer than previous models, Apple will reportedly introduce a new display that features clever  “in-cell” touch technology that allows it to become significantly thinner than existing iPhone displays by negating the need for a dedicated digitizer. According to sources for The Wall Street Journal, mass production of these displays has already begun.

This Is What The iPad 3 Will Look Like Head On



At this point, we’ve pretty much seen every part the iPad 3 has to offer: rear casing, Retina Display, logic board, CPU, Heck, we’ve even seen cables for the sleep/wake button, the volume rocker, the mute switch and other assorted guts. If you only had the digitizer and front glass pane, you could probably just slap all these parts together and build yourself an iPad 3 from scratch.

Oh hey, what do you know: here are the missing parts we need to build a complete iPad 3! Will wonders never cease?

The new front panel and digitizer, spotted by, confirms what we have long suspected: turned off, the iPad 3 will largely be indistinguishable from the iPad 2. Maybe a squidge thicker. The real distinction will be when the iPad 3 is turned on and that beautiful 2048×1536 kicks on.

Great, but when can we expect the iPad 3 to land. Only Apple knows for sure, but popular consensus indicates March 7th.