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Get Close To Nature With Olympus’s “Nature Macro” Lens & PEN E-PM2 Camera [Review]

Get Close To Nature With Olympus’s “Nature Macro” Lens & PEN E-PM2 Camera [Review]

We checked out Olympus‘s gorgeous new M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm f/2.8 “Nature Macro” lens, along with this fall’s additional release to the Japanese company’s excellent PEN series cameras, the PEN E-PM2 ($599). This new PEN compact system digital camera will please both experienced and neophyte photographers alike.

One truly great feature of these PEN series cameras is the highly responsive touch shutter release, which instantly autofocuses on the tapped area of the camera’s high-resolution 3’ LCD screen and captures. It’s amazing, allowing intricate images of even the smallest close-up subjects at lightning-fast speeds.

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Adobe Releases Lightroom 4 With More Features And Half The Price

LR4 beta

Were you awakened this morning by the sounds of enthusiastic golf claps? It was photographers everywhere applauding Adobe’s release of Lightroom 4 for only $149 — half the price of Lightroom 3. Upgrading will run you less at $79, but price is only part of what’s new and noteworthy.

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Canon’s About To Announce A New 5D Mark III Pro DSLR Camera, Here Are Photos And Specs [Update]


I’m sure many of you have been waiting for Canon’s replacement to their highly praised and super popular pro DSLR, the 5D Mark II. Friends, your wait ends tonight.

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Can I Use an Old Mac to Get Pictures Off an iPhone? [Ask MacRx]

Iphone with old mac

Apple is all about the cutting edge, but in the real world people use older computers that may not have the latest and greatest software. Here’s how to use an old Mac with a new iPhone:

My mom is about to get an iPhone for the first time. She has an older iMac that only supports Leopard, no Snow Leopard or Lion, so she cannot sync with her pc at home. The new iOS 5 allows her to get an iPhone that does not need to sync to a pc. How can she get her photos off her new iPhone 4S onto her existing iMac to load into iPhoto? Will the iMac recognize the device as a camera source even if otherwise unsupported by her version of Leopard and iTunes?


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