IK Multimedia Lowers Prices On Mac Music Tools, Updates iOS Software As Well


Ready to take it to the next level?
Ready to take it to the next level?

Today, IK Multimedia announced new, lower prices for all of its professional-level Mac music software and plug-in software. The prices have been lowered on Amplitube, T-Racks, and Sample Tank, as well as updates and price drops on Total Workstation and Total Studio bundles.

The company also updated Amplitube, its popular iOS guitar app, adding new effects models to coincide with the release of its new compatible guitar pedal, the iRig Stomp.

Figure Music Making App Brings Out The Unknown Composer Within [Review]


Making music with Figure

Note: Since posting this article we received the following sound advice from app designer Propellerhead regarding the issue of latency we experienced with this app: “Try re-booting your iPad!” And it worked! The time delay reported herein seemed like a fun dimension intrinsic to the app, but this is not the case. My bad.

Figure is a new music-making app for iOS that allows users with a few minutes to spare to come up with electro / synth-pop grooves quickly while on the go. It’s a load of fun and sounds great, and you will never know what you are going to create next… really.

How The iPad Is a True Digital Audio Workstation [iPad@Work]



Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) have existed for quite some time on desktop machines. Logic Pro, Digital Performer and Pro Tools are just a few DAWs that are used in the daily workflow of audio professionals.

But now, thanks to the iPad, the digital audio workstation has officially become mobile. Say hello to creating pro-level music with the iPad.