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Apple will kick off WWDC 2015 on June 8

WWDC 2015 is official. Photo: Apple

WWDC 2015 is official. Photo: Apple

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference will kick off June 8 at San Francisco’s Moscone West, Apple said today. The five-day event will provide an early glimpse at the future of iOS and OS X, plus more developer sessions than ever before.

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Friendly indie dev wants to teach kids to think like a programmer

Daryl Hornsby is a friendly guy with a mission: to design puzzles that help kids think like a programmer. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Daryl Hornsby is a friendly guy with a mission. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Indie developer Daryl Hornsby has a novel approach for getting kids engaged with educational games: Don’t dumb things down.

That’s the key to Machineers, the clever puzzle-adventure game his company crafted to to lead kids through various programming logic concepts.

“When you say you want to target 10 to 15 year-olds, you’re told you have to make it overly colorful and bubbly, and that no kids read text,” Hornsby told Cult of Mac. “We’ve been able to prove that this is not quite the case. We’ve found that kids want to be treated like adults, but it still has to be approachable.”

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Apple makes devs happier by adding group beta testing to TestFlight

Apple's TestFlight is used to beta test apps before they're ready for prime time.

Apple’s TestFlight is used to beta test apps before they’re ready for prime time.

Along with doubling the max file size of apps, Apple introduced something else today for its third-party developer community.

TestFlight, the Apple-owned service devs use to beta test their apps before submitting them to the App Store, can now do controlled group testing.

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iTunes Connect outage leaves devs baffled and irate


Developers trying to update their apps on iTunes got a surprise this morning, when thanks to a weird glitch with iTunes Connect, devs were logged into other users’ accounts.

Not only has the outage prevented developers from being able to log into their own accounts to update apps, but it’s also exposed apps that are secretly in development to competitors.

Developers have taken to Twitter this morning expressing their outrage, with some calling for Apple to just take an ax to any cable leading to the iTunes Connect servers. Apple has yet to release an official statement, but they have finally taken iTunes connect offline, hours after the first reports hit.

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The App Store makes more money than Hollywood

App Store is now the world's top entertainer. Photo: Buster Hein

App Store is now the world’s top entertainer. Photo: Buster Hein

Hollywood has long been the sparkling gem of entertainment in the U.S., but when it comes to making money, Apple is schooling the entertainment industry on how to bring in the cash with the App Store.

In 2014, iOS app developers earned more than Hollywood did from U.S. box office revenues, reports top Apple analyst Horace Dediu. According to Asymco’s number crunching, apps are now a bigger digital content business than music, TV programs, movie purchases and rentals combined.

Apple paid out approximately $25 billion total to developers, which means that not only is the App industry healthier than Hollywood, but also on an individual level, some developers are out earning Hollywood stars. The median income for developers is also likely higher than the median income for actors. If you’re looking to strike it rich, forget becoming the next Brad Pitt. Be the next Dong Nguyen.

Check out the chart below:

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Apple pulls out of Crimea as part of U.S. sanctions against Russia

Photo: Apple

The crisis in the Crimean Peninsula has caused Apple to terminate developer accounts in the region. Photo: Apple

In a curious example of international geopolitics influencing the App Store, developers who have registered iTunes accounts in the Crimea are being told to stop using all Apple software, and destroy any materials related to it. Why? It all has to do with the United States imposing sanctions against Russia.

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Apple’s new Swift language experiences ‘meteoric’ growth

Developers are loving Apple's new programming language. Photo: Cult of Mac

Developers are loving Apple’s new programming language. Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple surprised developers with its new programming language, Swift, at WWDC 2014 but it hasn’t taken long for the developer community to get behind what will soon be the replacement for Objective-C.

In the latest programming language popularity rankings from RedMonk, Swift has shot up from the 68th ranked language in Q3 2014, to the 22nd most popular language going into 2015. To put that growth into perspective, Google released its new language Go in 2009, but it just barely cracked the top 20 in this quarter’s rankings.

Here’s the full rankings chart:

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iOS 8.2 beta 2 is now available for developers

iOS 8.2 beta is here. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

iOS 8.2 beta is here. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple surprised us with the untested iOS 8.1.2 update yesterday, but this morning Cupertino is dropping something a bit more exciting with the second beta release of iOS 8.2 that brings WatchKit to the iPhone.

The iOS 8.2 beta is available now in the Dev Center along with an Xcode 6.2 beta. The release notes don’t mention any new features, but there are tons of bug fixes, plus some improvements made to WatchKit. We’ll let you know if we find anything new once we install it.

Developers can pick up the beta as an over-the-air update if you’re already on the iOS 8.2 beta 1, or you can get it from the direct download links below:

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For app makers, Apple giveth widgets (and Apple taketh away)

PCal widget

PCalc has fallen victim to Apple’s proverbial axe. Screenshot: Alex Heath/ Cult of Mac

When you live in Apple’s world as a third-party developer, you are required to play by Apple’s rules. And sometimes those rules are subject to sudden change.

James Thomson, the developer behind the scientific calculator app PCalc, was notified today by Apple that his iOS 8 widget must be removed. The reason? A new stipulation that iOS widgets cannot perform calculations.

The reasoning behind Apple’s decision may never be known by Thomson or anyone outside the company, and that’s just the point. The App Store is Apple’s kingdom to rule, for better or worse.

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The Mac App Store is broken, and developers are sick of it

The Mac App Store is broken. Photo: Apple

The Mac App Store is broken. Photo: Apple

First launched in January 2011, the Mac App Store promised to give developers the same sort of centralized marketplace to sell their apps that had made the iOS App Store such a success. Instead of making developers rich or giving them a better place to market their apps, though, an increasing number of developers are actually leaving the Mac App Store in what Milen Dzhumerov, one of the devopers behind Monodraw, has called a “subtle exodus.”

Why? It all has to do with Apple’s Mac App Store policies.

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