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Apple Gives Devs The Power To Delete Fake Game Center Scores & Block Cheats

Fake high scores in Angry Birds: Star Wars.

Fake high scores in Angry Birds: Star Wars.

Isn’t it frustrating when you spend your whole weekend trying to reach the top of the Game Center leaderboard in your favorite game just to find that the top spot has already been claimed by a cheat, whose score couldn’t possibly be beaten by playing the game properly?

Unfortunately, it’s a common problem because Game Center has long been far too easy to hack. But Apple has finally done something about it. Developers now have the power to delete fake Game Center scores and block gamers who persistently cheat.

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Turkish Security Researcher Ibrahim Balic Wasn’t Likely Behind Dev Center Hack After All

Apple had to temporarily take down the Dev Center to keep its user data safe.

Apple had to temporarily take down the Dev Center to keep its user data safe.

When Apple’s Developer Center was hacked and went down last month, a Turkish security researcher by the name of Ibrahim Balic took credit for the scare. Balic claimed that he was able to get ahold of Apple ID logins, and Apple spent over a week rebuilding the Dev Center to fix whatever was specifically causing the security compromise. Since Apple never confirmed or denied that Balic was the culprit, his actual involvement in the incident hasn’t been clarified — until now.

Apple has listed some of the security flaws that have been reported to the company recently, and it looks like Balic was likely not responsible for the Dev Center outage after all.

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Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 6 To Developers With iTunes In The Cloud Fix


We weren’t expecting Apple to drop a new iOS 7 beta so soon, but Apple just dropped iOS 7 beta 6 in our laps this late Thursday afternoon. Developers can download the new beta build from the Dev Center or as an OTA update.

Once we dive into the beta we’ll let you know if there are any big changes, but it looks like it’s mostly just a fix for an issue with iTunes in the Cloud.

Here are the direct download links:

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iOS 7 Beta 6 To Land Next Week Ahead Of Gold Master Release [Rumor]


Until Apple’s Developer Center was taken down due to a security breach, the Cupertino company was steadily rolling out new iOS 7 betas every other Monday — and it appears that trend is set to continue now that everything’s back to normal.

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans say that we can expect iOS 7 beta 6 to arrive next week, ahead of a Gold Master release on Friday, September 5.

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All Apple Developer Programs Are Back Online After 3 Week Outage


Apple just sent developers an email stating  all developer program services are finally back online.

The developer center went down on July 18th, which prevented developers from accessing documentation need to code apps for iOS and OS X, as well as beta builds for Apple’s platforms.

A Turkish security researcher by the name of Ibrahim Balic came forward shortly after the outage and claimed responsibility as the intruder that breached the Dev Center’s database. No personal data was stolen from users, but Apple decided the breach warranted a complete rebuild of the backend.

Apple Details Service Restoration Plans In Developer Update

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 17.52.30

Apple has sent out an email to registered developers to outline its restoration plans for a number of services that are still down following its Developer Center outage. Those include Xcode automatic configuration and access to license agreements, program enrollments, and renewals—all of which are to be reinstated this week.

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Phishers Attack Overeager Devs Waiting For Dev Center To Come Back Online


There’s always some scumbag who is willing to try to take advantage of a bad situation. Take Apple’s prolonged outage of the Apple Developer Center, for example. It’s a bad situation for everyone — Apple and developers alike — which is why, of course, someone’s now launched a phishing attack to try to trick people into thinking the Developer Center is back up.

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Apple Rolls Out Developer System Status Page, Promises To Keep Fixing Things

Apple's system status web page

This is how to communicate.

Apple just sent out an email announcing that it has a new System Status page for developers who want to track what’s going on with the still-down Dev Center after it was apparently hacked a couple of days ago.

The email apologizes for the “significant inconvenience” caused by the downtime, and assures developers that it’s been working non-stop to overhaul the systems behind the Dev Center, update server software, and rebuild the entire database now that it’s been compromised.

In addition, they’ve created a one-stop web page with the status of each specific service, noting whether the services in question are yet online or still off.

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iOS 7 & OS X Mavericks Betas Could Be Delayed By Dev Center Hack


Just a friendly note. Apple has so far been releasing new betas of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks every other Monday, like clockwork. But with the iTunes Developer Center, down for almost four days now (because of a hack that might have been committed by a researcher) and no end in sight, if you’re expecting iOS 7 Beta 4 and OS X Mavericks Beta 4 to drop today, you might not want to hold your breath: if Apple can’t get the Developer Center up and running this afternoon, releasing a new beta isn’t likely.

Security Researcher Claims His Findings Were Behind Apple’s Dev Center Closure

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 15.27.11

Apple’s Dev Center mysteriously went down for several days last week, and the Cupertino company revealed over the weekend that “an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers.” The site was closed immediately so that the potential for further threats could be eliminated.

It looked like Apple’s website had been hacked by someone trying to obtain our personal data, but according to one security researcher, it was his discovery of 13 bugs in the system which prompted the company to take action.

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