You gotta get this grabbag of great Mac apps [Deals]

The World Class Mac Bundle

Data recovery, web design interfaces, a new OS X toolbar — that’s just a handful of the uses you’ll find in this big bundle of top notch apps for Mac. There are a total of 8 productivity enhancing, web building, performance boosting apps in this collection, with something for everybody. And right now you can get the whole thing for $29,99.

Apple Fixes: Paving The Way To A Smoother Work Day [MacRx]



The workplace can be stressful enough, without adding computer snafus to the mix. As an IT consultant, I hear about a lot of them, usually after disaster has struck.

Here’s how to deal with some of the more common workplace issues – email problems, contacts not syncing, WiFi headaches, deleted files – and keep rolling with your Mac.