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Tim Cook Responds To Thai Customer’s iPhone Request

(Credit: Techinasia)

(Credit: Tech in Asia)

Soon after Tim Cook took over running Apple, we reported that he was following the example of predecessor Steve Jobs in terms of responding to customer emails.

Two-and-a-half years on, it seems nothing has changed.

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China Warms Back Up To Apple After Tim Cook’s Public Apology


In China, the state-run press has been attacking Apple non-stop for the past couple of weeks over warranty policies that showed the company’s “unparalleled arrogance.” Apple Stores were fixing broken iPhone returns instead of replacing the devices entirely like they do in the United States. There was also an issue with Apple’s 90-day warranty on replaced parts not matching China’s mandatory one-year warranty policy.

Things got so heated that Apple CEO Tim Cook had to issue a public letter to Chinese customers apologizing “for any concerns or misunderstandings.” Apple’s scrutinized warranty and return policies have also been changed to address the concerns.

After the apology, China is starting to warm back up to Apple.

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10 Mistakes That Can Sink An App, A Mobile Site, And A Company’s Reputation

10 Mistakes That Can Sink An App, A Mobile Site, And A Company’s Reputation

10 mobile mistakes can ruin a company or developer's reputation

Apple’s meticulous focus on design and usability is one of the hallmarks of its products. That attention to detail is evident in almost every Apple product, but iOS devices epitomize Apple minimalist approach and its goal of removing any barrier between the user and a great user experience. Unfortunately, not all iOS developers or mobile web developers get to that same level of minimal and effortless design.

There are probably hundreds of small ways that developers can miss the mark when designing iOS apps or creating content designed for mobile devices, but Gartner research director Johan Jacobs notes that most mobile app/experience design failures boil down to ten common mistakes.

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Tim Cook Forces AT&T To Unlock Customer’s Phone

Tim Cook Forces AT&T To Unlock Customer’s Phone

"Can even my divine intervention get AT&T to unlock your iPhone? Let me meditate upon it."

Dealing with customer service representatives can be one of the world’s most torturous experiences. Apple isn’t perfect, but they usually give customers the best experience possible, no matter. Proving that point, earlier today a story surfaced of Tim Cook stepping in and forcing AT&T to make a special exception to a request the deny to most customers.

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Sprint Tweaks Network Amid iPhone 4S Speed Issues

Sprint Tweaks Network Amid iPhone 4S Speed Issues

Photo by edavid3001 -

If Sprint’s new “network enhancements” were designed to quiet complaints by iPhone 4S users, the nation’s third-largest wireless carrier may need to return to the drawing board. Following tweaks for peppier 3G downloads, many Sprint customers still complain of turtle-like connections while lusting after Verizon’s faster network.

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How To Make A Customer Happy: Replace A Dead iPhone For Free


Reddit user labuzan posted a nice story today, detailing how a family iPhone went through the laundry, and what happened when they took the dead device to an Apple Store and told their story.

The results were not what you might expect.

Instead of charging for a replacement phone, the Apple employee serving them handed one over free of charge, saying: “We made an exception.”

Needless to say, a family already loyal to Apple just got its loyalty quotient increased by several notches.

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