How we put the Mac-gic in Cult of Mac’s videos


This is where Cult of Mac's videos get edited.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Want a sneak peek behind the scenes of Cult of Mac? In my tech-setup tour video below, I’ll show you where I produce and edit all the videos for the site, and what kind of equipment I use to do it.

This is one of the most-requested videos I’ve had so far, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer — let’s get to it.

Cult of Mac Magazine: Welcome to the new site, plus Apple TV’s big update


In case you hadn't noticed, Cult of Mac's got a new look!
In case you hadn't noticed, Cult of Mac's got a new look!
Cover: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

We have the technology. We can make the Cult of Mac website better than it was. Better, stronger, faster.

We can and we did (and it didn’t cost us $6 million, either). In this week’s issue of Cult of Mac Magazine for iPhone and iPad, you’ll get the scoop on our website’s redesign, plus updates on Apple TV, opinions on Apple Watch and some totally disarming selfies.

This adorable 2-year-old is the cutest Pirate of Silicon Valley ever

Y'argh, me mateys. Talk about a true Apple fan.
Y'argh, me mateys. Talk about a true Apple fan.
Photo: Geoff Grubb

Many babies these days have to wear an eyepatch to correct vision problems. That’s why the two-year old girl above, Layla Grubb, is wearing the best eyepatch ever: an ’80’s style Apple logo, pasted over her left eye. Talk about a Pirate of Silicon Valley!

Unicorns, horror and bikes: 8 Instagram accounts to follow right now


A detail of Adam Jones' art for new Red Hare album. Photo: Adam Jones/Instagram

Instagram has become riddled with so many photos of kitty cats, inspirational sayings and kitty cats spouting inspirational sayings that it has become nearly impossible to find fun and interesting feeds to follow without spending hours staring at your iPhone. So we did it for you.

This is not so much a “best of” list as a starting point that should open your mind to what else is out there in the great big Insta-world.

Sunday Tips: Install Ram into your iMac (2009-2011)


iMacs are an investment, but when year after year newer, more powerful iMacs are released it can make you feel a little disheartened. In this quick and simple Sunday Tips video, Ste Smith will show you how upgrade your iMac’s (2009-2011) ram so it’s faster and more powerful than the day you brought it home.

Crucial Ram Scanner