Perch App Turns Your Old iDevice Into A Family Communication Hub


Perch is a new way to use your old iOS device. Got an iPod Touch or unused iPhone/iPad laying around the house with nothing to do? Perch is an app which turns it into an always-on portal, letting you just walk up to it and show things to other Perch users in your network.

The idea is to keep this on a wall at home and treat it as a window on your family.

Stop Apps From Tracking You Without Your Knowledge Using Foursquare And Facebook [How-To]

Cult of Mac interviews Girls Around Me developer i-Free about the controversy surrounding their app.
Creepy stalking apps aren't going anywhere, but you can cut off their sources

Thanks to a great article by our own John Brownlee, we now know how easy it is for apps and people to stalk you using location-sharing services like FourSquare and Facebook. And now the more paranoid among you might be wondering, just how do I turn these things off?

Theoretically, you would have already checked the privacy settings when you signed up. But that’s like reading the manual before you switch on a new gadget: Almost nobody ever does it. So here’s a quick guide to locking down FourSquare, and a rather more involved guide to shutting down Facebook.