Adobe Will No Longer Sell Software On The Mac: You’ll Have To Rent Photoshop Instead


Adobe announced a lot of changes to their core creativity suite today, CS6, as well as a massively overhauled Photoshop, but forget features, here’s the real thing you need to know. Adobe Creative Suite 6 is the last app suite Adobe is ever going to let you buy. From now on, you’ll have to rent your Adobe apps.

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Earlier this week, a report out of Australia said that Apple along with Microsoft and Adobe had been asked by Australia’s House of Representatives to appear to explain why their products were so much more expensive in Australia than they are in America.

Apple’s prices don’t look too bad compared to their American counterprices in the Land Down Under, but that’s not true of Adobe. In fact, to purchase a complete set of Adobe’s Creative Suite Applications, you’ll pay $1,400 more than in the United States… making it cheaper for Australian creative professionals to actually fly to America to buy Adobe’s software in bulk.

Check out this video in which Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen is asked multiple times why this pricing differentiation exists on a digital good, in which he shiftily avoids answering the question at every turn. It’s unbelievably sleazy. No wonder Steve Jobs thought the Adobe guys were little shits.

Via: The Verge