Learn Ruby on Rails the Easy Way [Deals]


CoM - Rails

This Ruby on Rails tutorial for beginners is the perfect comprehensive video guided tour of modern Rails web development. With this course you’ll get a grasp on the newest, most effective approach to web development as Micheal Hartl walks you through the entire Rails development process: installing and setting up Rails, designing Rails applications with MVC and REST, building dynamic pages, coding effectively in Ruby, implementing registration and authentication, adding social features, even testing and deployment.

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Last Chance To Join The Lean Startup Movement [Deals]



Let’s face facts: most startups fail, even if they launch to much fanfare. With that in mind, you’re looking to make your very own startup a success. You know the odds are stacked against you. So how do you put yourself in a postion to have a greater chance of success?

By taking advantage of this Cult of Mac Deal, which lets you join The Lean Startup Movement at a fraction of the regular price, that’s how. But you’d better act fast — because today is the last day that deal is on the table!

Last Day For The WordPress Express Course [Deals]



If you’ve been looking to build a pristine — and profitable — WordPress site, we’ve got a great deal for you here at Cult of Mac that is set expire in just a few short hours. Today’s the last day to pick up The WordPress Express Course from Cult of Mac Deals so that you can acquire all the skills you need to build a killer WordPress site right away. And it’s available for only $79 while this offer stands.

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Design Outside The Box With The Responsive Web Design Course [Deals]


CoM - Responsive Design

We’re no longer looking at computer screens alone when we’re surfing the Internet. With the advent of mobile technology, we’re looking at the web on screens that can fit in your pocket, and we desktop screen are getting larger and larger. Some desktop screens are larger than the television screens of not-too-long-ago. So if you’re building a website, you need to think about this: What screen sizes do you need to concern yourself with? The answer is simple: All of them.

Responsive web design is the key. And Cult of Mac Deals has got a great deal to help you learn responsive design with a course that uses step-by-step process for creating a design that rearranges content, resizes elements, and adapts itself based on the size of your visitor’s screen size. For a very limited time this video course will only cost you $49 – 67% off the regular price!

Giveaway – Win Over $900 Worth Of Cult Of Mac Video Tutorials! [Deals]



It’s the time of year where we start to remove clutter from our lives and get some serious spring cleaning done. That doesn’t just mean what’s visible in your home and office, but the stuff inside your computer — and your head as well. It’s time to take some of those ideas you have or those projects you’ve started and see them through to completion — or toss them out completely. Ands no one really likes to do the latter unless they simply don’t have the tools and time to get the job done.

Well, if you’ve been yearning to create that awesome iPhone app or game, been itching to put together that WordPress site that converts clicks into cash and have that business you’ve been wanting to start but don’t have the resources you think you need….we’ve got a chance for you to take care of all of that. That’s because we are offering you a chance to win 4 of our video tutorial courses courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals. These courses are valued at over $900!