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The 10 coolest companies founded by ex-Apple employees

Cooliris Adds Evernote Support, Makes Great Dropbox Image Browser

Those looking for a great alternative way to browse their photos on an iOS device might think about Cooliris, an app which has been around in various forms (I think I first saw it as a browser plugin) for some time. Cooliris’ gimmick is its endless wall of photos which you can almost throw around the screen, but recent versions have added so many sources that it might well become your iOS photobrowser of choice.

This week, the app has gotten support for Evernote images, plus more. And it still works great with Dropbox photos.

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Cooliris Gets Even Cooler, Adds Support for Dropbox [Daily Freebie]

Imagine dining at a sumptuous, football-field-sized smorgasbord where all your friends and acquaintances have made and brought tantalizing morsels for you. And it’s all yours to sample, as you glide past table after stacked table. On ice skates.

Now replace the food with photos, and you’ll understand the draw of Cooliris (assuming you like looking at photos; and since the toaster is probably the last remaining electric gadget not equipped with either a camera or a way to display images, it’s a safe assumption).

And the iOS app is even cooler now that it’s just been seamlessly integrated with Dropbox.

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