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Tiny iMpulse Brings Physical Controls To Your Mobile Games, Fits On Your Keyring


While adding physical controls instantly improves almost any mobile game, no one wants to carry around a big, bulky control pad all day. But it’s unlikely you’ll have any complaints about taking the iMpulse with you everywhere you go, because it’s so small it fits on your keyring — and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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MOGA’s Upcoming iPhone Gamepad Gets Shown Off In Leaked Trailer [Video]


On Friday, we caught an early glimpse at MOGA’s upcoming iPhone control pad, the Ace Power, thanks to leaked photos that were published ahead of its official debut. And now we have a leaked trailer, too. The 30-second clip shows off the Ace Power’s features, including that neat portable design.

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Gameloft’s $80 Duo Gamer Controller Is Now Just $6 On Amazon

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 13.00.17

Remember Gameloft’s $80 Duo Gamer Controller? It was launched in October 2012 and it brought physical controls to our favorite Gameloft games on iOS — but it had a number of major flaws. The biggest one was that it was only compatible with Gameloft games, and that made its $80 price tag all the more bemusing.

But it’s not such a bad purchase at $6.36, which is all you’ll pay for it on Amazon right now.

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iCade’s Retro 8-Bitty Controller For iOS Is On Sale Now At $30

iCade’s Retro 8-Bitty Controller For iOS Is On Sale Now At $30

Isn’t that cool?

Reliving your childhood with retro games on iOS is, I find, one of the best ways to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon — until you get frustrated with the virtual controls that keep getting you killed and you threaten to throw your iPad out of the window. But thanks to the iCade 8-Bitty, a new Bluetooth control pad for iOS, you can now play your favorite titles with real controls.

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The Bladepad Is By Far The Best Physical Gamepad For iPhone Yet [Kickstarter]

The Bladepad Is By Far The Best Physical Gamepad For iPhone Yet [Kickstarter]

I need this!

Every time I’ve talked about iOS gaming, I’ve said that it’s missing one thing: physical controls. Sure, all kinds of games work well with a touchscreen, but a lot don’t. Numerous accessory makers have attempted to change this with add-on controllers, but none have really taken off.

The Bladepad hopes to change that. It’s a detachable case with a slide-out controller that features dual analog sticks, physical buttons — including shoulder buttons — and more.

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The 60beat GamePad Accessory Is An iOS Gamer’s Dream [Video]

While there are many benefits to gaming on an iOS device, such as cheap games and an impressive handheld experience, there is one downside: no physical control pad. That won’t be much of a problem to some, but to gamers like me — who like to play first-person shooters and retro platformers — a physical control pad compatible with our iOS devices is truly missed.

That’s why the 60beat GamePad is a dream come true for iOS gamers.

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