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How To Share Your Contact Info Directly From Your iPhone [iOS Tips]

Send Contact Info iPhone

Ever been to a professional conference? You probably take those little cardboard bits of paper with pictures and contact info along with you, right? Business cards are kind of a given at conferences, but you can also cut to the chase and send your contact info to anyone you’re chatting with.

Using your iPhone Contacts app, you can send your contact info, or any contact you have on your phone, with a couple of simple taps. Here’s how.

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Apple Gives Beta A Complete iOS 7 Redesign [Gallery]


With less a month to go until Apple unveils its new iPhones and the release date of iOS 7, the iCloud beta site just received a redesign to bring it more in-line with iOS 7’s UI.

Apple has replaced the old iCloud app icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, and Find My iPhone with their counterparts from iOS 7. Along with the new icons, Apple has redesigned the UI of each app with the updated look of iOS 7 as well.

Take a look:

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Cobook Update Adds Foursquare And Instagram Support, Plus A Feature You All Thought Was There Already

Cobook Update Adds Foursquare And Instagram Support, Plus A Feature You All Thought Was There Already

Cobook has updated its contacts/address book app, adding some long-overdue features, some neat new tricks, and – finally – a store, so you can give the company some money at last.

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Ignore Unwanted Or Unknown Calls To Your iPhone More Easily [iOS Tips]

Do Not Call

Now here’s a slick little trick fresh off the boat from those wacky folks at Macworld that will have you wondering, “why didn’t I think of that?”

You know how you get tons of calls each week or month that are from solicitors, political pollsters, and that weird uncle who will just not leave you alone? Well, if you get those calls on your iPhone, here’s a neat way to avoid having to answer the phone to figure out who’s calling.

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Yahoo! Mail For iOS Gets Support For Multiple Accounts, Business Email


Yahoo! has rolled out a new update to the Yahoo! Mail app for iOS that introduces support for multiple accounts and Yahoo! Small Business email.

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Use Siri To Add Relationships To Your Contacts For More Natural Interactions [iOS Tips]

Siri Relationships

If you’ve tried to use Siri to call or text someone, you know it’s pretty simple. Just say, for example, “Call Joe Smith,” and Siri will call the person named Joe Smith in your Contacts App.

But did you know that Siri can also identify people via their relationship to you? You can say, “Call my brother,” or “Text my daughter,” and Siri will call or text that person, provided you’ve done a little set-up in the Contacts app.

You can also use Siri to define these relationships, so you don’t even have to open Contacts. Here’s how.

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Cobook Adds Auto-Updating Livecards To Your Address Book

Cobook, the non-sucky contacts app for iOS and Mac, has today added Livecards. Livecards are a way to share your contact info with other people. Instead of relying on those lazy idiots to update your details, you take care of it. The resulting changes are pushed to everyone who has your Livecard in their Cobook.

Yes, this is exactly how address books should have worked ever since the internet was invented.

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LinkedIn’s New iPhone App Brings All Of Your Contacts Together In One Place

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 16.19.35

LinkedIn has launched a new iPhone app today called LinkedIn Contacts, which promises to make it easier to stay in touch with your most important relationships. It brings all of your contacts together in one place, then provides you with alerts for birthdays, job changes, and more.

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CoBook Update Brings LinkedIn-Like Livecards



Cobook, the excellent contacts replacement app for iPhone, has added something called Livecards in a brand-new 2.0 update. Livecards is a way to make sure your contacts are always filled out and up to date, without you doing anything.

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Thread, The Minimal Contacts App Replacement For iOS

Thread, The Minimal Contacts App Replacement For iOS

Thread is a contacts app for the iPhone and iPad which follows the current trend in flat, minimalist interface design. If you’re a fan of the latest Twitterific, or Letterpress, then you’re going to love the look of Thread.

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