iPad Pro lives up to its name with strong early sales


The iPad Pro isn't ready to compete with Intel Macs... yet.
The iPad Pro had an impressive launch.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

After gloomy early reviews and alleged lower-than-expected orders by Apple, it seems the iPad Pro may have struck a chord with users after all.

A research firm claims that Apple’s giant tablet performed impressively over the all-important December quarter, despite its high price point.

Practically nobody’s buying Amazon’s Fire Phone (including Prime members)


Even Amazon chief Jeff Bezos can't sell the world on the Fire Phone. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

Nobody would ever call Amazon’s Fire Phone a hit, but even the company’s most loyal shoppers are apparently avoiding the phone like the plague.

A new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners says that while the Amazon Prime subscription service continues to attract new members, the Fire Phone “has achieved virtually zero market share.”

Old iPhones Are Collapsing The iPhone’s Average Selling Price, And Maybe iPhone Profit Too


Sales of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are eating into the iPhone 5.
Sales of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are eating into the iPhone 5.

Apple’s iPhone penetration strategy is to not release a lot of conflicting models, but to drop the price on previous iPhone models every time the new one comes out.

Right now, for example, Apple sells the iPhone 5 starting at $199 on contract, the iPhone 4S starting at $99 on contract, and the iPhone 4 with a two-year contract. In this way, Apple can sell an iPhone to anyone, regardless of their income level.

This strategy might be leading to negative repercussions for Apple, though, at least according to a new report, which suggests that Apple is proportionally selling considerably fewer iPhone 5 units during launch than they sold iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 units during their launch window.