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Don’t Worry, Spies Didn’t Really Steal The iOS 7 Jailbreak


When will the iOS 7 jailbreak arrive? Although earlier reports suggested it might already be in the chamber, and proof that exploits had already been found, the iOS 7 jailbreak still remains elusive.

That should not be a surprise. We predicted it would take a full six months to jailbreak the iPhone 5s back in February, and it looks like we might not be far off. But what is happening with the iOS 7 jailbreak?

Well, a lot of intrigue. But don’t worry, things are still moving forward.

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Apple: Steve Jobs Would Roll In His Grave If He Knew How The DoJ Was Twisting His Words


Yesterday, the Department of Justice published its case against Apple for allegedly conspiring with publishers to raise the price of ebooks. Now, Apple’s responded, calling the DoJ’s case “bizarre” and saying that they are twisting the words of Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs.

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Airport Dropping Signal & Bittorent clients, A connection?

Pic for BT Article

Is there a connection between running a Bittorrent client and the frequency of Airport signal drops? If so is it intentional?

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